Calculates fusion parameters for McElroy hydraulic fusion machines.

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The McElroy McCalc® calculates fusion parameters based on industry standards and specifications for McElroy hydraulic fusion machines.

Select from a list of McElroy fusion machines and fusion standards, then enter pipe size, wall thickness and drag pressure. Tap the "Calculate" button and McElroy McCalc® displays the pressures and times for fusion cycles and heater temperature range according to the selected standard.

- A list of McElroy hydraulic fusion machines
- Industry standards: ASTM, ISO, GIS, WIS, and DVS
- Pipe size entry in IPS, DIPS, OD, or JIS
- Wall thickness entry in DR or actual wall thickness
- Pressure entry in psi, bar, kg/cm², or MPa
- Heater temperature displays in °F when “psi” selected for pressure and °C otherwise.
- Timer counts up continuously. Tap to reset.
- Languages: English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese

About this version (1.0.16)

Removed bead size limit for ISO 21307:2017 Single Low-Pressure HDPE fusion specification.

Other versions

1.0.15 released on 24 January 2020 (1409 days ago)

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Size: 0 MB
Version: 1.0.16 by McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.
Updated: 14 August 2020 (1206 days ago)
Released: 24 February 2012
Installations: more than 50 000
5 Stars: 146
4 Stars: 39
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2 Stars: 12
1 Star: 27

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