Match Game - Pairs

Match Game - Pairs

Match Game - popular pair game. Memory training. Multiplayer.

Match Game - Pairs
Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs Match Game - Pairs

Exercise your memory with the match game, guess the animals, cars, vehicles, vegetables and fruits. If you like puzzles or other quizzes the match game is for you.
Pairs game is a free popular game consists in finding pairs of identical cards. The player reveals two cards if they are the same they are removed from the board, if not, the cards are flip back. Matching cards is awarded with the sound of the animal or a vehicle. The aim of the game is to removes the largest count of couples. In multiplayer mode, the player who matched the largest number of pairs wins.

Match Game - Pairs contains different sets of cards: over 140 animals, 60 cars and vehicles, 90 of vegetables and fruits.

In multiplayer mode, players in sequence reveal the card. The player who finds a pair of cards gets the score. The winner is the one who fits the largest number of pairs.

High IQ is the dream of many of us. Certainly often you wonder how to develop your brain - how to stimulate it to better work, to think quickly and logically.
Match game is a great workout memory and a way to improve concentration, as well as mute and killing time in the waiting room or on an airplane. Since the work of the brain is closely linked with the image and sound, playing pairs games great develops and stimulates the brain to better work.

Thanks to the pronunciation of names and the possibility of changing the language the game excels as an aid in language learning.

The game is designed for one, two or more players.

Features of the game:
โ— Combining cards in pairs,
โ— Varying degrees of difficulty,
โ— The game in the English language,
โ— Different sets of cards: animals, vehicles, vegetables and fruits,
โ— Game for two people (the number of players 1-4: multiplayer mode)
โ— Pronounced names in selected languages.
โ— The game is optimized for tablets and phones,
โ— Free game.

The game is a great workout of memory.
Are you ready for the daily memory training?

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Match Game - Pairs
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