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Purchasing a train ticket can be quite bothersome experience considering the time and energy it might consume. We are offering an opportunity to make this process the least stressful part of your journey planning with the help of app.

Because in reality nobody wants to grapple with confusing and complex train booking sites. We are offering our user-friendly, accurate, safe and free application with constantly up to date train schedules.

Our information regarding the train schedules and tickets are always up to date and synched with the Georgian Railway database so our information is always correct and flawless. With this app you can check the departure time, platforms, prices and fees of various train destinations. This app gives you an opportunity to travel by high class and modern trains throughout the country and offers various destinations and travel opportunities almost anywhere in Georgia.

Our app comes with the following features:
• Mobility. You can buy tickets for any train in Georgia using your mobile device
• Time-saving. No registration needed. Purchasing ticket in the app itself. You will only have to input your name, last name and ID number and you don’t even have to print the boarding pass.
• Simple payment options. Pay by credit card or visa.
• Convenience. All your tickets will be sent to your email or in your device’s wallet.
• Discounts. Students can buy discounted train tickets! You simple input your ID number in the app and it does the trick by itself.
• Round trip tickets. Round trip tickets can be purchased in a single order. It has never been easier or faster to buy a ticket. On the search page you can purchase two tickets at the same time.
• Passenger Directory. Now you can just save your card information after buying the ticket so you don’t have to input it every time you try to buy a ticket again.

Payments are supported and powered by a leading payment service provider in Georgia. Your private information is completely safe and secure with us. Our experienced customer service team is available 24/7 so in case of any questions or problems feel free to contact us.

We are constantly working on developing our app further and further so our customers can have an even easier and faster way of buying the tickets and making their journey as comfortable as it can be.

About this version (1.0.36)

Since we couldn’t find major bugs, we fixed all the minor bugs we could detect!

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