Mastercraft - Mods, Maps & Addons for Minecraft PE

Mastercraft - Mods, Maps & Addons for Minecraft PE

Free Minecraft collection of Addons, Mods, Maps, Skins, Textures, Seeds

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Mastercraft - Mods, Maps & Addons for Minecraft PE
Mastercraft - Mods, Maps & Addons for Minecraft PE Mastercraft - Mods, Maps & Addons for Minecraft PE Mastercraft - Mods, Maps & Addons for Minecraft PE Mastercraft - Mods, Maps & Addons for Minecraft PE

This application requires Minecraft Pocket Edition

All Addons Mods Maps Skins Textures Seeds are fully tested

The collection is updated frequently

Wish new one? Request us and wait for a while!

Mastercraft is the complete collection of newest addons mods maps skins textures seeds wallpaper in which you can explore and automatically install items super easily.


Minecraft Mods and Addons

Top popular and best Mod for Minecraft and addons with automatic installation in the game and a launcher.
- Mod for furniture and houses
- Mod Pixelmon
- Mods on weapons and cannon
- Mod for cars and transport
- Mod for furniture and houses
And much more (Animals Pets Portals Redstone Dagon Technique Zombies Mutants Dragons Tanks)

Minecraft Maps and Seeds

- Hundreds of maps for you to discover
- Free and Best Maps for MultiCraft with multiplayer for multiple players.
- Maps for Survival and Adventure
- Maps for Creative and Creating
- Maps for Mini Games and Parkour
- Maps for PVP and Hide and Seek
And much more Hills Plants Houses Cities Redstone Flying Island Horrors Escape from Prisons Cops and Bandits.

Minecraft Skins

- The most popular and rare Skins for Minecraft also additional functions 3D skin preview and 360 degree rotation.
- Thief Skins (View skins by the player's nickname and the ability to steal it)
- Skin Editor (Create or edit any skin)
- Skins for Boys
- Skins for Girls
- Skins for the Child
- Skins for PVP
And much more (Animals Military Monsters Celebrities Heroes Robots Anime Yutubers)

Textures for Minecraft

- A variety of texture packs and shaders for a more realistic game. Apply binding radiance glare change the standard textures and lighting.
- Faithful
- 32x32
- 64x64
- 128x128
- Full HD
Realistic shaders and stuff be careful your game can change beyond recognition. Some packs you should try Soartex Fanver Ozocraft Jolicraft JohnSmith

Buildings for MC PE
Master Builder of buildings and constructions works without additional launchers. Instant construction in one click without unnecessary actions. All maps are saved and can be restored.
- Buildings
- Mansions
- Houses with furniture
- Constructions
- Statues
- Planes and helicopters
- Spaceship
- Sea ships
- Machinery
- Means of transport
- Medieval castle

All buildings are unique and created by professional builders but if you have buildings on the map they can be destroyed!

... and the most important
We are working hard to add new data weekly. If you need something new don't hesitate to drop a request and wait for a while. We will bring it to you very soon!

Thank you for choosing our service! Enjoy the app and stay tuned!


All files provided for download in this application are provided under a free distribution license. We (Mastercraft) in no way claim copyright or intellectual property.

About this version (2.2.1)

We are always working hard to deliver the best experience to you. - This version includes some mirror bug fixes and the newest hottest maps, add-ons, sideways, servers, wallpapers, skins, mods. - Create collection to share the items, mods, maps,... to your friends or anyone. - Drop a message to Us If you are facing a problem or any ideal for the app. Enjoy the app and let us know your thought! Thank you for choosing us!

Other versions

2.2.0 released on 09 February 2021 (25 days ago)
2.1.9 released on 27 January 2021 (38 days ago)
2.1.8 released on 21 January 2021 (44 days ago)
2.1.6 released on 14 January 2021 (51 days ago)
2.1.5 released on 14 December 2020 (82 days ago)
2.1.4 released on 09 December 2020 (87 days ago)
2.1.2 released on 24 November 2020 (102 days ago)
2.1.1 released on 17 November 2020 (109 days ago)
2.1.0 released on 08 November 2020 (118 days ago)
2.0.7 released on 21 October 2020 (136 days ago)
2.0.4 released on 13 October 2020 (144 days ago)
2.0.1 released on 06 October 2020 (151 days ago)
1.1.5 released on 18 September 2020 (169 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 9 MB
Version: 2.2.1 by 201Studio
Updated: 01 March 2021 (5 days ago)
Released: 07 September 2020
Installations: more than 100 000
Mastercraft - Mods, Maps & Addons for Minecraft PE
5 Stars: 1330
4 Stars: 90
3 Stars: 10
2 Stars: 50
1 Star: 230

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