Mars Future

Mars Future

Mars has more secrets than you could think. Enter the world of adventure!

Mars Future
Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future Mars Future

Become one of the Mars explorers! Experiments with gravity and atmosphere have already brought the first results. Animals and plants are starting to spread. In the nearest future a flight to Marks takes just a few hours - let's take ride!
Explore the planet and find the things nobody has seen before! Solve mysteries. Find artifacts, abandoned bunkers, buried tunnels and other evidence that the earthlings were not the first ones to visit the planet. Or was it even inhabitated?
Study the paranormal areas nobody has visited before, where something supernatural is going on. Be the first one!
Build facilities. Use the unique natural resources of the planet and the most advanced robots!
Develop tourism. Receive guests from all around the Galaxy and surprise them with service and entertainment, and they will bring you the skyrocket profit you can spend on development and research.
Transform the planet. Use the objects available - glaciers, craters, Martian river beds - to create structures without equals on Earth. You have more than 50 buildings to choose from. Apart from those, you will receive the unique ones in reward for participating in events and competitions. The futuristic design of the buildings lets them perfectly match the bizarre landscape of the planet.
Play with friends. Offer help, share resources and you can expect generosity in return.
Make progress! Complete interesting tasks, receive achievements and rewards, open new areas - explore and develop them. Let your region grow and thrive.
Enter the world of outer space colonization, where you can follow your adventurous spirit and apply your talents of a pioneer, explorer, businessman and city planner.
Play without the Internet connection in any place at any time!

About this version (1.1.5)

Cosmic update! - Find out what discovery scientists made while exploring an abandoned bunker! - Break through the protective dome of the anomalous zone! Find out what's inside the anomaly! - The secret of the Red Planet will soon be revealed!

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1.1.4 released on 06 October 2021 (230 days ago)
1.1.3 released on 19 September 2021 (247 days ago)

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Version: 1.1.5 by STM.Games
Updated: 16 January 2022 (128 days ago)
Released: 22 September 2021
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Mars Future
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