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Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels

Enjoy Manhwa and manga. Binge on comic books manga comics and anime webtoons!

Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels
Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels Manta: Comics & Graphic Novels

Start reading unlimited webcomics on Manta - a manga app that is loved by millions of readers around the world.

Read manga, manhwa and comics in various genres including romance, fantasy, adventure, action, mystery and comedy. Discover fascinating new love stories every day and binge-read top trending webcomics without interruptions.

Every manga reader knows that the best stories should go uninterrupted. That's why we have no pay-per-episode and no ads. Just subscribe and get unlimited access to amazing comics.

Enjoy exclusive webtoons based on original stories of novels. Find out which webcomics will turn into comic books and graphic novels. Enchanting romantic manga anime stories await you. Are you ready to dive in?

Manta features exclusive original webcomics including Under the Oak Tree, Finding Camellia and My Husband, My Sister and I. Enjoy Semantic Error which was just adapted to K-drama. If you like some adventurous and steamy stories, check out Totem’s Realm. If you think you had enough of traditional love stories? Then, check out girl power heroine story, The Beau and the Beast!


Steamy Manga Reader – Without Interruptions
• Electrify your every day with exclusive stories and original titles you can't read anywhere else
• Read manga with no more pay-per-episode - binge nonstop without any interruptions
• Personalized webcomic selections just for you - choosing your next anime story is now easier than ever
• Comics loved by millions of anime and manga book readers - indulge in exclusive, top-trending comics
• Get free daily passes you can use to access new stories and keep to date with your favorites every day

Discover Your Perfect Anime Story
• Discover the world of Anatol in our enchanting manga love story, "Under the Oak Tree".
• If you want something exclusive, you'll love our Manta Original anime story, "Finding Camellia".
• Looking for comics that are a little more steamy? Check out "Totem's Realm", and "The Losing Streak".
• For more magic, jump into "The Beau and the Beast", "Follow the Bread Crumbs", and "The Golden Forest".

Craving more steamy anime content?
Unlock your wildest fantasies and join Manta Unlimited to experience the ultimate binging experience:
• Fastest updates - no need to wait to read the latest updates
• Endless anime and manga library - read all of the stories that we have to offer
• Manga series with everyday updates - stay engaged with stories you can come back to every day
Discover a vast world of breathtaking comics right at your fingertips – all for just $3.99 a month.

Dive into our anime and manga titles guaranteed to have you hooked:
Under the Oak Tree
Flip Turn
Love Jinx
Princess of the Animals
The Beau and the Beast
The Dangerous Convenience Store
A Small Lie
Traces of the Sun
My Husband, My Sister, and I
Thirsty Thirsty
Totem’s Realm
The New Recruit
No Love Zone
Disobey the Duke if You Dare
Lady Devil
I Raised a Black Dragon

A virtual comic book library is always at your fingertips with Manta. Immerse yourself in stories filled with wonder and fantasy today.

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