Manhattan requiem [Challenge]

Manhattan requiem [Challenge]

Retro game 'Manhattan Requiem' becomes a free app and challenges you !

Manhattan requiem [Challenge]
Manhattan requiem [Challenge] Manhattan requiem [Challenge] Manhattan requiem [Challenge] Manhattan requiem [Challenge] Manhattan requiem [Challenge]

"Manhattan Requiem" , 2nd mysterious adventure game from the "Detective J.B. Harold series" , which was originally released in 1987 on PC-9801 series. This adventure game took the world by storm.
Up to now, over 200,000 copies were sold in various platform. *Includes mobile phone app.
It's back with smartphone!!
You don't miss the beauty of the graphic!
Also, as it is bilingual (Japanese/English) you can also enjoy the every moment in English while you were playing.
You will be straight into the Hard-boiled world in the US in 90s.
Solid adventure game which provides timeless joy and does not show sign of ages.

【 outline 】
A letter was delivered to J.B. Herald at the homicide dept of the Liverty Police.
The letter was from Sarah Shield… And she was dead…

The incident happened at 2am on 9th. Sarah fell down from 5th floor of the her apartment.
There was no sign of strangeness and presumed died instantly.

What happened to Sarah?
J.B. was already on the way to Manhattan with her letter on his mind.

New York…City of desire.

One right after the other, a number of young ladies jumped to death in Manhattan.
As investigation goes on, mysterious facts turn out one by one.

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Manhattan Requiem [Challenge] released

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Size: 93 MB
Version: 1.4.1 by althi Inc.
Updated: 30 June 2017 (1544 days ago)
Released: 29 June 2017
Installations: more than 10 000
Manhattan requiem [Challenge]
5 Stars: 116
4 Stars: 21
3 Stars: 15
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 4

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