Management: Lord of Dungeons

Management: Lord of Dungeons

Brand New Dungeon Management Game

 Management: Lord of Dungeons
 Management: Lord of Dungeons  Management: Lord of Dungeons  Management: Lord of Dungeons  Management: Lord of Dungeons  Management: Lord of Dungeons  Management: Lord of Dungeons  Management: Lord of Dungeons

Lords of Dungeons Raid Contents Updates
Behold! At last the hidden new secrets are revealed!
Discover New Companions New Bosses!
New Dimension rift with Stronger Powerful challenges!
Are you ready to take a new journey? Check it out now!

★ More than 400 companions capture monsters!
Player manages 'Battle Exploration Station Monster' systems and fosters more than 400 companions with 30 kinds of the job such as Archer Shield Knight Mage Adventurer Healer Blacksmith Toolmaker Treasurer Tax collector Glacier explorer Mountain explorer.
It will fulfill that the intellectual desire of player who likes ‘thinking and strategy' by accomplishing the missions such as 'Battle Exploration Station Monster' with assembling more than 10 companions.

★ Various missions and Free Resources.
'Dimension Cubes' - Five wild boss monsters await you! The huge and outrageous 'Field Boss + Alliance World Boss' touch your self-esteem and test the personality of the members of the Alliance! Test your party's abilities through the 18 floors’ hell and the 12 gates in the "Crack of the Dimension!"

★ 100 exploration areas more than 170 dungeons! 24 hours are not enough to play!!
'Lord of Dungeons' is a new concept 24-hour dungeon management simulation game that allows you to manage over 100 exploration areas and more than 170 dungeons. Explore the new area fight with players over the world complete for the most powerful lord’s throne. A player can greet or capture the monsters for increasing combat power when a player meets a monster.

★ A game to learn about town management profit research personnel and economy!
Build and develop various facilities such as 'bank tavern restaurant hospital market bathhouse university parks general store and library in town. Trade on the auction collect enormous wealth recruit companions and expand your dungeon with gold and resources of the facilities.

★ Various fostering contents Let's become emperor of all!
A player can increase the quantity and profit of the facility by expanding the town and can save time and resources by establishing an "Association" when all conditions are met.
Become an 'Emperor' who cannot be overlooked by anyone as Improving your research construction education management and trade abilities with 'Industry' system while raising your ‘Title’.

「Load of Dungeons」 Playable Device
- Android 5.0 or higher
- RAM 1GB or higher (2GB or higher recommended)
- Recommended Quad-Core CPUs
* Performance may vary depending on the model.
* Some models are not supported.
* The SIM free device is not supported.

Brand New Dungeon Management Game
Lord of Dungeons!


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Size: 81 MB
Version: 1.58.01 by ekgames
Updated: 07 August 2020 (8 days ago)
Released: 10 January 2018
Installations: more than 100 000
 Management: Lord of Dungeons
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