ManageApps (App Manager)

ManageApps (App Manager)

App management, Move Apps to SD, Backup Apps, Disable Apps, Apps by Usage

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 ManageApps (App Manager)
 ManageApps (App Manager)  ManageApps (App Manager)  ManageApps (App Manager)  ManageApps (App Manager)  ManageApps (App Manager)  ManageApps (App Manager)  ManageApps (App Manager)

ManageApps is a complete app manager for your Android smartphone. It gives you option to move apps to SD card uninstalling apps clearing cache and everything else in between. You can also disable those pesky pre-installed/carrier-bundled apps. Finding apps which are eating away your storage battery-life or mobile data is easy with the new Apps By Usage feature. With batch select ManageApps makes moving uninstalling and taking app backups lot more efficient and easier.

It include 6 sections
1. App Manager - You can manage everything about your apps from here. Open app details backup view the app on the play store uninstall them or clear cache to free temporary space occupied by apps.
2. Move Apps (App 2 SD) - If your phone supports moving apps to the SD card you can jump here and select one or more apps to move to get more free phone storage.
3. Backup Apps - Save APK files of your apps for quick installation later on. You can use the backup APK to install on multiple devices or after a reset.
4. Disable Apps - So you have a lot of bloatware carrier installed apps on your smartphone - just head here and disable them to stop running in the background and consuming system resources. Even if they cannot be uninstalled you don't have to look at them.
5. Uninstaller - This is simple just select one or more apps you don't want anymore and remove them from your phone.
6. Apps By Usage - This is another great addition to the App Manager you can see a list of apps based on their usage of Data Storage or Battery. Therefore identify which app is using all your mobile data eating up that internal storage or making you charge your phone twice a day.

Other features
* Automatic notification on installation of movable app with customizable ringtone vibration feedback and led notification.
* Auto notification for clearing cache apps backup and movable apps.
* Clear Cache notification when cache size exceeds chosen limit > 1 MB > 5 MB > 10 MB etc.

About this version (4.0)

Introducing Material Design update, featuring: * A beautiful redesign with a lighter look and feel * Uninstaller: An easy way to uninstall your apps. * Apps By Usage: See a list of apps based on their usage of Data, Storage or Battery and identify the culprit app. * Auto notification for clearing cache, apps backup and movable apps. * Move Apps (App2SD) and App Manager are separated now for better user experience. * Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 3 MB
Version: 4.0 by InkWired
Updated: 01 July 2015 (1942 days ago)
Released: 04 June 2011
Installations: more than 1 000 000
 ManageApps (App Manager)
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3 Stars: 748
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