Makani - مكاني

Makani - مكاني

A unique app that gives you detailed addresses for all buildings

Makani - مكاني
Makani - مكاني Makani - مكاني Makani - مكاني Makani - مكاني Makani - مكاني Makani - مكاني Makani - مكاني

About the app:
Makani is a unique app that gives you detailed and clear addresses for all buildings in Libya, including houses, public or private institutions, or even shops, markets, restaurants, and others.

Makani aims to replace the difficult and inaccurate descriptive addressing with comfortable and smooth digital addressing in order to facilitate the process of finding geographical locations in all Libyan cities and villages.

Makani Advantages:
Enjoy an easy and comfortable addressing:
Makani gives any building an amazingly accurate, fast, accessible and reliable address. You can share this information with everyone.

You can reach anywhere easily:
Makani saves you time and the difficulty of reaching new places by providing you with the actual directions and information needed, to find the shortest way to your desired place. You can also search and find addresses for many different places.

Makani is your comprehensive guide:
With Makani, you can discover new places and search for restaurants, hotels, gas stations, parking lots, schools, colleges, banks, pharmacies and other local commercial activities and nearby places. Also, Makani provides you with a guide for public and commercial places classified by their activities in order to reach them quickly and easily.

Keep the addresses of your favorite places with Makani:
Save the locations you love and share them with your friends, store your route and paths to these places and add bookmarks for them so that you can find them quickly later.

Makani is always free:
All maps and features in Makani are provided free of charge so that everyone can benefit from all the services it provides.

Simple and intuitive design:
The use of Makani is not complicated. It provides you with an easy and simple address that can be shared with others to facilitate access.

Makani is your travel companion:
Plan your trip and never miss an interesting place at every stage of your adventure through our custom itineraries and addresses. You can also save the places you want to visit on your next trips.

Enjoy safe access:
With Makani, you can get to any new or unfamiliar place very easily. All you have to do is use Makani to find to find the best and shortest routes.

And much more with Makani:
You can use Makani for marketing your business by providing addresses that are easily accessible to your customers. You can also reach out to various government agencies and use this information to provide data for the e-governance system. It also provides you with information and opportunities for planning and development both in public or private facilities.


About this version (1.13.2-c4c0a4aa)

- Add support for multiple points in navigation mode - Improve online map experience - Other improvements and bug fixes

Other versions

1.12.2-93d332dd released on 26 October 2021 (859 days ago)

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Version: 1.13.2-c4c0a4aa by Lamah - لمة
Updated: 31 January 2022 (762 days ago)
Released: 18 December 2019
Installations: more than 100 000
Makani - مكاني
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