Mad Digger : Gem Miner

Mad Digger : Gem Miner

Treasure miner digging for diamonds to reach main treasures! Addictive arcade!

Mad Digger : Gem Miner
Mad Digger : Gem Miner Mad Digger : Gem Miner Mad Digger : Gem Miner Mad Digger : Gem Miner Mad Digger : Gem Miner Mad Digger : Gem Miner Mad Digger : Gem Miner Mad Digger : Gem Miner

UPDATE: new levels + new items + new story + tons of new gameplay time!

Once Grandpa Pecos decided to share a secret with his grandson โ€” there's a hidden treasure buried somewhere on the former mine. But there's one problem. The treasure lies very deep underground at a depth of more than 250 yards! Then the grandson thought about his friend, crazy miner named the Mad Digger. He's the best treasure digger and only one to get things done.

โ›๏ธ The treasure lies at a depth of hundreds of yards. It's a job for Mad Digger!

Your task is to dig earth deeper and deeper and for gems until you find and mine the treasure. It's not as simple as it seems. The oxygen runs out with every descent, you need to extract minerals to improve your equipment and tools as well as to buy grenades and dynamite to make the descent faster.

One of the best classic digging games! The crazy miner is the only person who is able to dig for gems very deep and finally reach the buried treasure. Mining craft is his calling and he is the best treasure digger in the town. Go ahead and get the treasure in this extremely addictive arcade!

Equipment description:

Pickaxe โ€” your main tool. Upgrade it to dig earth faster and more efficiently.

Oxygen Tank โ€” allows you to stay underground for a long time to dig for gems longer. Upgrade it to increase the time limit.

Drill โ€” a big drill which allows you to pass the first layers and dig earth much faster and collect more resources.

Grenade โ€” has a small radius of action, but all the blocks blown up by a grenade never go waste, and if they contain something useful (resource or oxygen), you will take it and this fact makes grenade a great gem miner.

Dynamite โ€” has a large radius of action, it is very convenient when you need to quickly cover a considerable distance. Dynamite has a drawback when compared to a grenade: it destroys everything in its path, and if you blew a block with a resource, you won't get it.

RadWater โ€” water with moderate radiation dose. It makes the Digger 10 times stronger and faster while active.

Playing mining games and digging games makes your time enjoyful 10x time than other kind of games. Joke. But it's true.


- Explore dungeons
- Dig for gems with crazy miner
- Mining craft diamonds to upgrade items
- Bombs, dynamite, drills and other cool power-ups!
- Get the treasures!
- One of the best digging games
- Extremely addictive arcade

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Mad Digger : Gem Miner
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