MAC (OUI) Database

MAC (OUI) Database

With this app you can see which company owns a MAC (e.g. 00092D for HTC).

MAC (OUI) Database
MAC (OUI) Database MAC (OUI) Database

This application is a database of Organizational Unique Identifiers (OUIs).

OUIs are the first 24 bits of a MAC address (Bluetooth or Ethernet).

With this app you can see which company owns a MAC (e.g. 00:09:2D for HTC), or vice versa.

The database is locally stored on the SD and can be updated online.

To do a wildcard search, use the '%' character.

No ads.

Please email me with any bugs/problems/feature requests. I cannot reply to market comments which can make debugging difficult.

About this version (0.1.5)

v0.1.0 First public release v0.1.1 UI Fixes, fixed DB sanitisation bug, added better error messages. v0.1.2 More UI fixes. v0.1.3 Added "Hide" button. Changed SD card DB name to android_oui.db3. v0.1.4 Changed minimum OS to 1.6 to support larger screens, fix for FC on DB download. v0.1.5 Fixed parsing of full MAC addresses.

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Size: 0 MB
Version: 0.1.5 by Alexandros Schillings
Updated: 14 April 2011 (3892 days ago)
Released: 26 November 2010
Installations: more than 10 000
MAC (OUI) Database
5 Stars: 80
4 Stars: 7
3 Stars: 7
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1 Star: 15

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