Luna - Book & Reading Tracker

Luna - Book & Reading Tracker

Make your reading habit easier with Luna reading tracker app

Luna - Book & Reading Tracker
Luna - Book & Reading Tracker Luna - Book & Reading Tracker Luna - Book & Reading Tracker Luna - Book & Reading Tracker Luna - Book & Reading Tracker Luna - Book & Reading Tracker Luna - Book & Reading Tracker Luna - Book & Reading Tracker

It’s time to increase your daily reading habit with Luna! Download the Luna reading tracker app and start reading books. We know that life gets tough, and a daily reading habit becomes difficult. But with the Luna reading tracker app, it’s easier than ever.

Luna helps you read more books by tracking your stats, achievements, and records - if you love to read books but have a hard time finding the right motivation, download Luna and start reading again.

Increase your daily reading habit with Luna! Luna helps you read more books by giving you stats and insights on your daily reading. You can track your books, reading sessions, TBR list, and more, all in one place. Encourage yourself to read more books this year with Luna. Add your favorite books to the wish list, and get detailed information about any book. Set and track reading goals easily with Luna.

Creating a reading habit is now easier than ever with our book tracker app. Simply install the app and let it guide you towards your reading goals. Easily track your reading goal progress and motivate yourself to read more books. Add books to your reading lists easily using the integrated barcode scanner.

Luna is a leading book tracker app for those who want to read more books, and motivate themselves to grow as a reader this year. Reading more is something we all want to do, and using Luna as a reading habit tracker is the best way to encourage yourself to read more books this year.

We all want to read more books, but Luna can actually help you do that! Set a yearly goal with Luna and keep track of your progress throughout the year. Luna helps keep you motivated by showing you how much progress you've made, and encourages you to meet and surpass your goals!

Scan any book with an ISBN into Luna to instantly see all the available information about it. You can add it to any of your reading lists and start tracking your stats on it right away. As soon as you pick up a new book, all you have to do is scan it and you're done!

Use Luna's timer to track each reading session in real time. All you have to do is start the timer when you start reading, and stop it when you're done to save your reading session. You can even close the app in between, and just click the notification to jump back to the timer when you're finished reading.

See detailed information about any book with an ISBN using Luna. Just scan or search for the book, and you'll be able to see everything from the title and authors to the publication date and synopsis, so you know whether this is a book you want to spend your time on.

Luna keeps track of your logs, books, and stats for you, so you can see what books you've read, how long you've spent reading, the books you've read this year, and more!

Luna Reading Tracker is actively under development, so you can expect new features coming soon, including:
- Goodreads import
- Audiobook and percentage-based books support
- Wishlist - create a book wishlist and share it with friends and family for gift ideas
- Optional social features (see what your friends are reading, share books, etc)
- Advanced stats

About this version (1.5.0)

New Share feature! - You can now share books with your friends by clicking the share button on the book details page. - You can also share a book when you finish it with a timed reading session. - Fixed a bug where a book\'s finish date would sometimes not save correctly - Minor UI improvements - More features coming soon!

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1.3.3 released on 02 March 2022 (88 days ago)

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