LRC Editor

LRC Editor

Create and edit lyric files with ease

LRC Editor
LRC Editor LRC Editor LRC Editor LRC Editor LRC Editor LRC Editor LRC Editor

LRC Editor helps you to create and edit lyric files ( .lrc files ) easily.

- Comes with a small built-in media player to help you synchronise your lyrics with your song
- Supports both fine and coarse tuning of timestamps for synchronising your lyrics perfectly
- Supports powerful batch editing features to adjust timestamps quickly
- .lrc lyric files can be directly opened from your file manager with this app
- Lightweight and Ad free

Bonus: Complete any In-App purchase to unlock the two dark themes.

You can use .lrc lyric files to add lyrics into music players that support them for example the stock music players of Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Samsung etc

Try it out now!

If you face desync issues, make sure you're using a high quality constant bitrate MP3 file or a music container suited for precise seeking.

LRC Editor is Open Source. If you would like to contribute, head over to ♥

A big thank you to all the translators:
- Chinese Traditional (zh-rTW) by Martin C
- Chinese Simplified (zh-rCW) by Krasnaya Ploshchad
- French (fr) by tintinmar1995
- German (de) by Leon Thelen
- Indonesian (in) by Fajar Maulana
- Polish (pl) by Zbigniew Zienko
- Portuguese (pt-rBR) by Ayrtown Karlos
- Spanish (es) by Jonathan Martinez

About this version (3.2.6)

- New Spanish translations - Launcher accessible shortcut for creating a new LRC file - Save location for files opened from the home page is set to its location by default - Changing the save location from the finalize page no longer changes the global settings - Improved file handling mechanism - New reset playback speed/pitch button - Fixed a rare crash on refreshing the LRC file list - Updated IAP mechanism and associated libraries - Other improvements and crash fixes

Other versions

3.2.5 released on 08 October 2020 (383 days ago)
3.2.4 released on 22 July 2020 (461 days ago)
3.2.3 released on 14 May 2020 (530 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 1 MB
Version: 3.2.6 by CG Devworks
Updated: 26 February 2021 (242 days ago)
Released: 27 June 2018
Installations: more than 100 000
LRC Editor
5 Stars: 1367
4 Stars: 209
3 Stars: 129
2 Stars: 69
1 Star: 169

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