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 Los AngelBus
 Los AngelBus  Los AngelBus  Los AngelBus

This app shows locations and predicts bus times in Los Angeles using GPS info from the Los Angeles Metro.
Please email bostonbusmap@gmail.com if you have any problem and please report a crash if you see one. Twitter feed for bug updates @bostonbusmap

Basic usage
- choose a mode by clicking the button on the upper right corner. You can see all vehicles at once vehicles for a single route bus predictions for a single route or only bus predictions on favorited stops
- choose a route by clicking the menu button and clicking "Routes". You can also type in the route in the search textbox
- click on a stop to show the next few buses that are driving by.
- click 'more info' to show more predictions for that stop
- click 'report problem' to report a problem with the predictions
- click the star in the popup (see screenshot) to mark a stop as a favorite
- choose a favorite stop by pressing the menu button and clicking "Favorite stops"
- center on your current location by clicking the menu button and choosing "My Location". The speed and accuracy of location information depends on your phone location settings. You can tweak those in Home -> Settings -> Location & Security
- draw the path along a route by clicking the menu button going to Settings and selecting "Show route path"
- this app should work for all touchscreen devices that are Android 1.5 and up (which means pretty much all Android phones and tablets). Please let me know if something doesn't work

Source code go to http//github/bostonbusmap/bostonbusmap check out branch la

About this version (6.0.13)

Schedule update and fix broken compatibility issues

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 4 MB
Version: 6.0.13 by George Schneeloch
Updated: 26 December 2019 (299 days ago)
Released: 08 June 2011
Installations: more than 50 000
 Los AngelBus
5 Stars: 271
4 Stars: 23
3 Stars: 6
2 Stars: 6
1 Star: 30

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