Look of Disapproval

Look of Disapproval

Tons of emoticons at your fingertip.

Look of Disapproval
Look of Disapproval Look of Disapproval Look of Disapproval Look of Disapproval

While perusing reddit in 2012, I realized that the Look of Disapproval and other Unicode faces are supported on JellyBean! (and higher). After minutes (which turned into hours after getting actual features into it) of slaving over my keyboard, I came up with this.

I wanted a way to do the look of disapproval, among other (Unicode faces, kaomojis, and emojis), quickly and easily, without having to Google it up, copy, and all that, you know the deal.


This app makes it easy! You just open the app, find the face/emoticon you want to copy, then tap on it. Bam! It's in your clipboard, ready to argue/chat/troll with. :D

Basic features:
- Tap an emoticon to put it into your clipboard
- Long-press an emoticon to share it with other apps.
- Samsung Multi-Window & SplitScreen compatible!
- Also LG Dual Window compatible!

"Advanced" feature(s):
- Optional Persistent Notification that upon clicking opens a "quick" view of the app, allowing you to do any of the aforementioned basic features while you're in other apps. :]


- Great for your copypastas!
- Unicode characters take up more "character space" than ASCII characters do, so, be careful if you have text messaging limits.
- If you'd be the trolls you probably are, you should have your review use a Unicode face, to bother the ICS and lower users. ;)

About this version (2019.08.08.1)

- Updated libraries - Added Czech translations (thanks, Jonáš Loskot!) - Backwards-compatible Android Q Emoji Support will be out ASAP (after Q drops...) Previously: - Dropped support for devices older than Android Lollipop. Sorry folks, it's time to update. :c ❤ - Added Privacy Policy ('cause ads) - Slight facelift. - Added MoCk TeXt (a la Spongebob 🐔) Generator + Z̨̕Á̶ĻG̀O͠ Text Generator (found in drawer)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 10 MB
Version: 2019.08.08.1 by sLAUGHTER
Updated: 08 August 2019 (678 days ago)
Released: 01 September 2012
Installations: more than 100 000
Look of Disapproval
5 Stars: 5550
4 Stars: 670
3 Stars: 390
2 Stars: 210
1 Star: 1260

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