Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker

Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker

Track Your Family Kids or Loved Ones With our Family Tracker & Locator App

Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker
Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker

Lokaytr - Family Location and GPS Tracker is a unique safety solution to find my Kids and be connected with the whole family 24-7. With Family Location Tracker, track your loved ones in real-time and get notified as soon as they reach their destination for the tracking family app.

Lokaytr - Family Location Tracker & Family Link App not only helps you to find your kids but also to track the location of your family to link together. With our family tracking app, get instant smart notifications for your contact's device battery level or when they enter or leave a location.

Family Location Tracker & GPS Family Location Finder application helps parents, find kids quickly and easily. Our Family Tracker app is GPS-based, although GPS-based location tracking is highly accurate (pinpointing the device within a few meters), but sometimes due to external factors like the mobile device being inside the building, the location calculated by GPS data might have lower accuracy. Our Family Link Locator track & Follow Family Location Tracker application will try to filter for Family Link through GPS location data to provide for our Lokaytr family tracking users with up-to-date and most accurate location tracking.

Locate Family Tracker - Family Location Tracker App helps parents to find the location of their kids in real-time. You can protect, safe, track, find kids for the family link and connect the people who matter most with comprehensive safety features for life at home or outside. Enjoy our modern, advanced & latest Family Locator application that go beyond a basic GPS phone tracker.

Lokaytr users can choose between the following two service plans:

Free Plan:
The free version of our family location tracking application only limits up to 5 days of detailed location history. Other features like a daily summary of your contact's activities, notifications e.g. when a user leaves or enters a place or the battery on the device is low, and come as standard with the free version.

Premium Plan:
Our basic premium plan starts at 4.99$/month. With the monthly premium plan, you get up to 15 days of detailed location history and it is completely ad-free. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

We provide the same level of support to our free or premium plan customers. Send us an email at support@lokaytr.com, and we will be happy to assist you 24/7.

Lokaytr is not a spying application. You can only share your location with others by creating or joining a Group and inviting others to the Group. You can decline the invitation to join a Group or leave a Group you have joined already, at any time if you would like to stop sharing your location with that Group member.

For details, please see our Privacy Policy

About this version (1.2.31)

Thanks for your support! We are always striving to enhance Lokaytr - Family Locator & GPS Tracker. This Lokaytr release includes minor bug fixes & UI enhancements.

Other versions

1.2.28 released on 29 October 2021 (37 days ago)
1.2.27 released on 22 October 2021 (44 days ago)
1.2.24 released on 30 September 2021 (66 days ago)
1.2.23 released on 08 September 2021 (88 days ago)
1.2.15 released on 27 August 2021 (100 days ago)
1.2.01 released on 03 August 2021 (124 days ago)
1.1.88 released on 24 July 2021 (134 days ago)
1.1.73 released on 05 July 2021 (153 days ago)
1.1.71 released on 20 June 2021 (168 days ago)
1.1.65 released on 09 June 2021 (179 days ago)
1.1.61 released on 29 May 2021 (190 days ago)
1.1.39 released on 01 May 2021 (218 days ago)
1.1.27 released on 26 April 2021 (223 days ago)
1.1.13 released on 15 April 2021 (234 days ago)
1.1.08 released on 13 March 2021 (267 days ago)
1.1.07 released on 24 February 2021 (284 days ago)
1.1.04 released on 23 February 2021 (285 days ago)
1.1.00 released on 24 January 2021 (315 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 13 MB
Version: 1.2.31 by WaZa Soft, Inc.
Updated: 23 November 2021 (12 days ago)
Released: 23 May 2020
Installations: more than 5 000
Lokaytr - Family Locator & Family Location Tracker
5 Stars: 102
4 Stars: 39
3 Stars: 11
2 Stars: 5
1 Star: 57

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