LogRide - Theme Park Database

LogRide - Theme Park Database

Must-have app for theme park fans coaster nerds and thrill seekers.

LogRide - Theme Park Database
LogRide - Theme Park Database LogRide - Theme Park Database LogRide - Theme Park Database LogRide - Theme Park Database LogRide - Theme Park Database LogRide - Theme Park Database LogRide - Theme Park Database LogRide - Theme Park Database

Discover the world's largest theme park database for theme park fans, coaster nerds, and thrill seekers! LogRide is a mobile companion for tracking your park experiences and gateway into park history, attraction stats, and loads of other amazing features.

Which parks have you visited?
What attractions have you ridden?
How many times?

With over 36,000 attractions and 1,200 parks, you can start tracking your stats and expanding your theme park knowledge.

LogRide includes full parks from Disney, Universal, Cedar Fair, Six Flags, SeaWorld, Parques Reunidos, Merlin Entertainment, Chimelong Group, and thousands more!

Thanks to amazing theme park fans, LogRide is always growing. Join your fellow fans and submit parks, attractions, stats, and photos from your own theme park experiences.


-Global Map-
Discover parks and haunts using the LogRide map.

- Experience Tally -
How many times have you ridden an attraction? 10? 10,000??

-Park Time Line-*
Time line of each park's attraction history.

-Coaster-Only Mode-*
A special mode for all our LogRide coaster enthusiasts.

- Attraction Stats -
Height, speed, length, history, photos, etc...

- Wait Times -
View accurate wait time reports for over 50 of the world's most popular theme parks!

What's your top 10? Create custom lists for your favorite attractions.

- Defunct Attractions -
Explore the history behind each park. LogRide keeps track of attractions no longer in operation.

- Haunts and Midways -
Your favorite haunts and traveling showmen are here too!

- Check In -
Don’t forget to check in each time you visit a park. LogRide helps track how many times you’ve visited a park.

- Personal Stats -
Discover your most ridden attractions, coaster count, dark ride count, flat ride count. and much more!

*Available with LogRide Pro subscription

About this version (5.0.6)

Introducing Park Pals: - Connect to other LogRiders and share Trip Reports, custom lists, reviews, and more! - Create a Park Pal profile with a profile photo, bio, and username - Select trip reports and custom lists to share with your followers Attraction Reviews - Leave a review for attractions - View other user’s park pal profile from their review Attraction Ratings: - Overall ratings has been changed to a 10-point scale

Other versions

5.0.2 released on 16 March 2022 (70 days ago)
4.2.7 released on 07 February 2022 (107 days ago)
4.2.5 released on 14 January 2022 (131 days ago)
4.2.4 released on 04 December 2021 (172 days ago)
4.2.2 released on 02 November 2021 (204 days ago)
4.2.1 released on 21 September 2021 (246 days ago)
4.1.8 released on 21 August 2021 (277 days ago)
4.1.5 released on 19 July 2021 (310 days ago)
4.1.1 released on 10 May 2021 (380 days ago)
4.0.3 released on 02 March 2021 (449 days ago)
4.0.2 released on 15 February 2021 (464 days ago)
4.0.1 released on 31 January 2021 (479 days ago)
3.0.2 released on 08 September 2020 (624 days ago)
3.0.1 released on 23 August 2020 (640 days ago)
3.0.0 released on 19 August 2020 (644 days ago)
2.2.3 released on 29 June 2020 (695 days ago)

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