LiveLauncher Witch

LiveLauncher Witch

Witch launcher catches up you, staying in your wallpaper

LiveLauncher Witch
LiveLauncher Witch LiveLauncher Witch LiveLauncher Witch LiveLauncher Witch LiveLauncher Witch

Live launcher witch learns your app launching sequence. After choosing from live wallpaper the witch (now available transparent magic) will stay or walk in your current wallpaper. When clicked she suggests 6 app icons to launch. At first they are just the recent apps. After a week she gets your launching sequence timing and/or location history and then pops your current wish.

=Character/Transparent frame=
You can choose the character in the default set and your own sprites or set the transparent rectangle in your wallpaper as trigger. (To use your own sprites put your png image as strai/chara.png in your sd card.) Either one can be dragged in preview.
[Template png for character customization]

=Ring menu=
You can choose the apps to launch. The background balloon indicates the most preferred app marked by the reason of below. Sleeping balloon (zZ) means insensitive state in retrieving app list information or memory recollection.

=Marks shown with icons=
[Red arrowed line] Predicted App(s).
[YWM] Apps used at the same clock in Yesterday a Week ago a Month ago.
[L] Predicted from rough Location. (Need Location settings use wireless network)
[A] Predicted from Accessibility notification.(*)
[C] Predicted from recognized Causality.

=Timing of memory recollection=
When 2 hour left (default) or 30 min - 8 hour left (option). If memory DB over 4MB delete older ( > 1 month).

=Touch operation=
The witch and called apps react by all touch signals which include your other home operations; e.g. start apps from icon in home screen or launch your widgets. To avoid unwanted launch set Sort tapping signal option from Settings | Ringmenu. However it is incompatible with some home apps because they always send "android.wallpaper.tap" signals.

[compatible home apps]
- Sony Xperia X10 (Android 2.1) Ray (Android 2.3.4) standard Home
- LauncherPro
- ADW.Launcher

=About security=
This app do not connect to internet because this app collect your coarse logs to predict next app.

* Prediction by the notifications is available only when the accessibility service is on. If you use the app which notify continuously (e.g. cpu usage or the like) please check/uncheck notification texts to be learned/ignored from settings after notified.

About this version (1.20)

[1.20] - Extended Clock-based prediction to be more sensitive, and applied to location based prediction (TEST). - Suggest remembered apps when no recent apps existed (e.g. soon after device rebooting). - Fixed drawing issues: fixed slip of ring menu / modified redrawing region in walking.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 1.20 by strAI
Updated: 06 January 2013 (2936 days ago)
Released: 01 August 2011
Installations: more than 5 000
LiveLauncher Witch
5 Stars: 24
4 Stars: 9
3 Stars: 6
2 Stars: 4
1 Star: 2

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