Live Coloring

Live Coloring

Animated coloring books for children - 3D coloring books in augmented reality!

Live Coloring
Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring Live Coloring

Congratulations on your discovery of these coloring pages!
You probably already guessed that they are unusual. You're right they are magical. Characters on them come to life and look the way they were imagined and colored by your child. Out of millions of apps you've found the best! Awesome!

We could say that we've transformed these coloring pages into magic by using the innovative technology of augmented reality. But it actually does not matter what technology was used. The important thing is that we have created these coloring pages for you your children and grandchildren with great love. We tried very hard and put our heart and soul into them which is why they are so magical!

Here's what you need to do it's very simple
1. Do not say a word to the child! Download this application without them seeing you.
2. Choose the coloring pages you think the child would like. And print them on regular printer
directly from the app
or from the site
3. Have your child color them any way he/she wants. Warn them that you now possess magical powers and will be able to animate their creation. Ask them to prepare for some magic!
4. Launch the app and point the camera at the coloring page. Voila the magic begins!

Of course it would be better if you first check everything yourself and animate a couple of characters. If something is not clear read the tips in the app. Just email us if something does not work. We will do our best to help.

And remember! You have a great magic power in your hands now. With it you can not only animate characters created by your children and grandchildren but also entertain the whole family.

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About this version (3.0.3)

Added An appropriate message about the importance of parental supervision. A reminder to be aware of physical hazards in the real world (e.g., be aware of your surroundings).

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Live Coloring
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