Feeling Something? Talk it out. The Listenerz are here for you.

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Feeling Something? Talk it out. Whether you wish for us to lend you a patient and empathetic ear or share your joys with you or to guide you through. The Listenerz are here for you.

When the going gets tough, the tough need to get going as well. And to ensure that the tough is healthy to be able to keep going, we bring together a platform of like-minded people, trained volunteers, and a team of experts- psychologists and psychiatrists to help you share and receive the care you need to remain hail and hearty.

This app is a safe place for you to break the stigma attached to mental health issues and start expressing your feelings and concerns for your well- being instead of putting up a strong face at the cost of becoming hollow on the inside.

Talk Anonymously- Feel free when you want to voice your fears or concerns without disclosing your identity. Disclosure of identity should not be a mandate to seek help.

Connect with like-minded people- Build your profile and talk to friends you have met or are yet to meet or better yet, make yourself available to talk to, to a peer, looking for a friend or stranger to lend a patient ear.

Trained Volunteer Support- Get help from aspiring psychologists and psychiatrists and other trained listeners who are training or studying how they can help you in the best way possible. Seek help from them with no judgments attached!

Get Expert Help- We have professionals- psychologists and psychiatrists on board in case you need ready access to specialised help, to led the way for you or remind you of the light in you during difficult times, from the comfort of your home.

Get yourself the care and support you deserve today. The app available to download for free.

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