Lily's Night Off

Lily's Night Off

You just ran into the Lilypads! Will you help them or hurt them?

Lily's Night Off
Lily's Night Off Lily's Night Off Lily's Night Off Lily's Night Off Lily's Night Off Lily's Night Off

**NEW Beach Update just added! - 4 all new endings**

The long-awaited sequel to Lily's Day Off!

Lily's Night Off is a visual novel, but not in the typical sense: As you progress in this game, your actions drastically change character personalities, story lines, and lead to unexpected outcomes.


Tsundere pop idol singer Lilypad Lily is back with the other two members of her idol group: Nym, the shy costume designer and Vicky, the energetic dance choreographer!

You wake up on the side of the road with no memories, no idea where you are, and the famous pop idol, Lilypad Lily, right in front of your eyes!

With each decision you make, personalities, histories, and outcomes take dramatic and wild turns.

Try to uncover the true ending to figure out why!

(This game can be played as a standalone without having played Lily's Day Off).


Lily's Night Off is a visual novel which puts the player in the position of the main character. You will play through the game and make choices as you interact with Lily, Nym, and Vicky: the famous pop idol sensations, The Lilypads.

However, this is not your typical visual novel where each route gives you new information on solid character personalities. Each choice reveals that locations, stories, and even characters are not what they may seem.

There are over 15 endings in total.

This is a comedy visual novel. There are no explicit scenes. There are some violent and scary scenes, however.


The game will feature over 10 unique songs, Artwork from over 12 different artists, more than 15 crazy endings, and lots of ridiculous situations!

You can download the soundtrack here:


About this version (1.22)

Updated my logo and title screen. Also fixed an aspect ratio glitch

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Updated: 13 August 2019 (1267 days ago)
Released: 12 September 2018
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Lily's Night Off
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