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Liingo Rx Reader
Liingo Rx Reader Liingo Rx Reader Liingo Rx Reader Liingo Rx Reader Liingo Rx Reader Liingo Rx Reader Liingo Rx Reader

Use the innovative Liingo Rx Reader app to read your vision prescription right off your current glasses. It’s super easy and totally free! 
* Get your prescription in minutes — without leaving home
* All you need your current glasses a smartphone a laptop with a camera and any standard-size magnetic card
* When you’re done you get a discount code to use at!

How it works
Scan your current glasses using a smartphone laptop camera and any standard-size magnetic card. 
We’ll tell you your sphere power cylinder axis and pupillary distance (PD). 
Is this legit? Of course it is — our results have been clinically tested and proven to be as accurate as standard acceptable lensmeters and PD meters. 

You can use the Liingo Rx Reader if you...
- are a healthy individual 18 years or older
- have stable vision and are happy with your current prescription
- have a single-vision prescription 
- have a sphere measurement between -6.00 and +3.00 
- have a cylinder measurement that does not exceed -2.50

You can’t use the Liingo Rx Reader if you...
- wear progressive multifocal or bifocal lenses
- have a prescription that includes a prism measurement 
- take any medication that affects your vision
- have any illness or condition that affects eye health (rely on your eye doc for that!)

Look — this app definitely doesn’t replace your eye doctor. It’s important to have an eye exam every 1 or 2 years even if you aren’t experiencing vision problems. Liingo Rx Reader is designed to help with all those times in-between exams when you simply want to verify your prescription or order new glasses online. 

Who are we? 
Liingo Eyewear offers a curated collection of premium-quality eyewear that’s affordable easy to order and fun to wear. Our stylin’ frames start at just $79 and include high-quality single-vision polycarbonate lenses for free with the same (or better) quality than you might get from your optician. Over on our site you can use our virtual try-on tool for a realistic idea of how you’ll look in hundreds of styles or order 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home — all completely free.

About this version (4.7.1259)

Minor updates to make this app even easier to use.

Other versions

4.2.1253 released on 30 November 2020 (143 days ago)
4.1.1250 released on 19 November 2020 (154 days ago)
4.0.1249 released on 08 November 2020 (165 days ago)
3.27.1246 released on 08 November 2020 (165 days ago)
3.25.1244 released on 15 September 2020 (219 days ago)
3.23.1240 released on 23 August 2020 (242 days ago)

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