LifeBee is an application for creating intelligent data sets in health care

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Life-bee brings health care re-imagined to your hands. It brings a fresh perspective to the current practices in long-term health care through a versatile mobile application.
Life-bee helps to keep you updated on all essential and vital parameters. It will keep you fresh every day on the various health fronts you need to take care.
The Life-bee Card brings an elegant view of “Personal Health Records”. A comprehensive approach through different sections on allergies, devices in use, Health insurance, Hospital cards etc is provided.
The Medicine Dashboard will help you in many ways - like from having on hand access to the drug charts of your own and loved ones or setting time alerts. For those with Lifestyle diseases or other chronic diseases who needs to take medicines life long, Life-bee will be a lifelong partner. The Dashboard can be shared with the caregivers and trusted relations for remote monitoring. Graphical representation of data enables a global view of the trends in a time period.
The Labs module is designed to give perspective on the long-term progress of lab parameters and analytics based on that. In Home Labs, the concept of doing simple tests at Home is promoted.
Life bee provides a most comprehensive Vaccine card with alerts for the user.
Health orbits is a health tasks organizer, to organize health actions including exercises, regular water drinking or simple breaks from the computer screen etc.
The Mapper is for mapping symptoms or health-related events to help you gain control in chronic or recurring diseases. It can be used to map fertility, pregnancy etc.
Life-bee Reports can be sent via mail to your trusted contacts or Doctor. It will include graphical charts.
Documents module allows uploading and storing your health documents in order. Scan or snap documents and upload.
Matrix contains Phone book, Scheduler and Notes.
For the men and women in the midst of fast urban life environments, Life Bee strives to bring new healthcare pathways.
Life-bee - The Digital bridge to better health for your family. Sign up today.
Life-bee: Health is Harmony!

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5.1.85 released on 04 September 2020 (389 days ago)
5.1.83 released on 28 August 2020 (396 days ago)

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