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Libii Dentist

Welcome to Libii Dentist, the funnest teeth and dentist game ever!!!

Libii Dentist
Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist Libii Dentist

Boys and girls welcome to Libii Dentist the funnest teeth and dentist game ever!!! Here you can not only turn yourself into a professional dentist diagnose and cure different patients but also can operate and decorate your own dental clinic make it your dreaming one! In the game patients are not models who just open their mouths with a poker face they are so vivid with laughers and tears! Therefore if you want to see patients’ different reactions during the teeth treatment if you want to see patients’ various expressions after their problem teeth are healed if you want to experience the whole process in a dental clinic come here join Libii Dentist and you’ll see a distinctive dentist game!

How To Play
Open the game click Play to start. Patients will walk to the door one by one click the door to open it then the patient will come to the seat. Tap the patient who sits in the lobby he/she will lie on the dentistry chair automatically after that you can start to cure the patient. In Libii Dentist every patient may have different teeth sickness and every dental tool is used only for the specified sickness the instruction board beside will give you tips about how to use the tool. After you heal one sickness successfully a tick will appear on the board to remind you then you can start to treat another one. When you finished curing all teeth sickness of one patient you can take a photo for him/her also your patient can change various expressions by taping his/her face. What’s more after curing every 3 patients you’ll get a piece of puzzle when you collect all the 64 pieces and finished scraping together 4 photos of the patients correctly you can get a big award ----- unlock all patients for free!!! Besides we also provide you multiple treating rooms dentistry chairs seats with different styles you can choose your favorite decorations in your own dental clinic!!!

· 8 kinds of patients to choose such as human beings vampire dinosaur zombie primitive man monster werewolf
· Unlock additional patients for free by collecting and completing the puzzle( Special Launch! Strongly Recommend to have a try !!!)
· Multiple themes of the treatment room to choose
· Various dentistry chairs to choose
· Seats of different styles to choose in the lobby
· A series of facial expressions to choose for the patients
· A huge variety of dental tools to choose
· Take a photo of your patient
· Share the patient via Facebook or E-mail with just one click
· Screenshots of the patient can be saved in your photo album
· Continued improvements of this game please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions

Need You Know
This app is totally free to download and play some basic items are also free to use but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore if you do not want to use these items please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.

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Libii Dentist
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