Bubble Level - Level Tool

Bubble Level - Level Tool

Level hang decorations on the wall as a pro with our handy Bubble Level Tool.

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Bubble Level - Level Tool
Bubble Level - Level Tool Bubble Level - Level Tool Bubble Level - Level Tool Bubble Level - Level Tool Bubble Level - Level Tool Bubble Level - Level Tool

A bubble level, a spirit level, or a plumb bob is a tool used to check whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). The Bubble Level Tool, Leveler app, also serves as a goniometer or a carpenter’s level, can be applied in construction, carpentry, photography as well as daily life. It mimics and works like a real level meter. It is very handy and useful to provide you with accurate results.

Where you need Bubble Level:
🖼 At home: Use the Bubble Level to perfectly calibrate and position the object if you need to hang a picture or a photo frame onto the wall, or assemble a shelf, a refrigerator or a washing machine.
🏗️ At work: This level tool is a must have app for horizontal and vertical calibration in fields such as construction and carpentry.
📸 In photography: It is a good helper if you want to set up a tripod.
🏕️ Outdoors: Don’t you think a tilted camping car or picnic table is annoying? The Bubble Level can help you place it horizontally.
🏓 Other situations: When you are leveling a billiard table or a table tennis table, or inserting a shelf, just grab your phone and use the app!

- A horizontal & vertical level tool
- A clinometer
- A screen lock to avoid changing directions
- Sound reminder
- Calibration & reset functions
- Relative calibration & absolute calibration
- Dark mode & light mode
- A bubble level & a bull’s eye level

How to use the Bubble Level:
The Bubble Level also simulates a bull’s eye level, which levels across a plane. To determine whether a surface is horizontal or vertical, or to measure its inclination angle, you can simply lay your phone flat on the surface, or lean the phone against it.

This leveler app indicates horizontal when the bubble is in the middle. It will show the actual angle in the meantime. Thanks to its sound effects, you can hear the result without looking at the screen.

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Bubble Level - Level Tool
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