Leo and Tig

Leo and Tig

What kind of surprises does the taiga hold? Let's go towards new adventures!

Leo and Tig
Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig Leo and Tig

Discover the mysteries of the swamps with a brand-new forest friend โ€“ Willy the brave rabbit! Let's go to the wondrous taiga, with its incredible adventures and charming inhabitants you can meet!

Go on an adventure and play as one of the charming characters of the animated series. Each of the little animals has its own individual character and abilities that help overcome any difficulties!

You have to be attentive and resourceful if you want to make it through all of the trials of the amazing taiga! Fun educational mini-games will help forest dwellers not only overcome obstacles but become even handier and bolder.

The game has seven stunningly beautiful locations, where the story of friendship, mutual help and respect for nature unfolds. You will be surprised by the brilliancy and diversity of the nature of Primorsky Territory: you can interact with objects in the game.

While helping the heroes, you get cards with illustrations, sketches and postcards from your favorite cartoon. These can only be seen in the game!

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Leo and Tig
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