Learn english in 30 days

Learn english in 30 days

English essay app offline. Study english grammar offline.

Learn english in 30 days
Learn english in 30 days Learn english in 30 days Learn english in 30 days Learn english in 30 days Learn english in 30 days Learn english in 30 days

Main goal of this application is to learn English grammar. Learn english in 30 days. This app is perfect for pre intermediate levels. It contains four chapters. Each chapter contains short and clear explanations of English grammar, quizzes for each lesson and final test. English essay app offline

In the first chapter you can find lessons and tests about subject and object pronouns, possessives, countable and uncountable nouns, singular and plural nouns, indefinite article.

Second chapter contains topics about articles and comparatives. Study english grammar offline.

From third chapter you will know rules of using superlatives, participial adjectives and adjectives.

Learn english in 30 days. Fourth chapter contains topics and tests about present simple tense, present continuous tense and past simple tense. You will know how to construct positive, question and negative forms.

In the fifth chapter you will find lessons and quizes about past simple and past continuous. English essay app offline.

From sixth chapter you will know about present perfect, present perfect continuous and future simple.

In the last chapter you will find theory and tests about zero, first and second conditionals. Also you will know about passive. Study english grammar offline.

This app contains:
* 47 English grammar lessons.
* Quizzes for each topic of English grammar.
* 7 chapter final tests.

Short description of topics in this application:
* Subject, object and reflexive pronouns
* Learn english in 30 days
* Possessive adjectives and pronouns
* Countable and uncountable nouns
* Singular and plural nouns
* Indefinite and definite article
* English essay app offline
* Some, any
* Something, anything, someone, anyone
* Comparatives
* Study english grammar offline
* Present simple and past simple tenses

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Learn english in 30 days
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