Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea

Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea

Study Korean for 20 minutes every day. Fluent in Korean in just 3 months

Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea
Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea


Just studying with HeyKorea for 1 hour and continuously for 2 months, you will see the difference!
>> Take 40 minutes every day to learn basic Korean words, basic grammar, and phrases, and practice listening, speaking. Spend 20 minutes more to revise the entire lesson.
At the weekend, review all the basic words and phrases you learned during the week, and earn good badges from HeyKorea!

Learning Korean alphabet is the first step you need to take to conquer this interesting language.

The English writing system uses the Latin alphabet, while Korean is hieroglyphic. Therefore, any English speakers who start to learn Korean are surprised and quickly lose their motivation to learn from the beginning. HeyKorea helps beginners to understand basic Korean alphabets.

Easy selection of multiple display modes:

πŸ‘‰Just Korean
πŸ‘‰ Romaji display
πŸ‘‰ Korean word + romaji

Combine Korean words and phrases by topic

Learn basic words and phrases by topic: Family, animals, food, and all topics about daily life.
>> Korean words and grammars
>> Korean vocabulary for communication
>> Korean vocabulary with pictures
>> Korean vocabulary with audio

Korean is difficult but having HeyKorea makes it much easier. Let make friends with HeyKorea and conquer the Korean language together!

HeyKorea always wants to send you the best Korean vocabulary and grammar application. However, errors are inevitable, HeyKorea is looking forward to your feedback to improve the application better and better. Please send your feedback to email: HeyKorea@eupgroup.net.

About this version (1.2.1)

We update the app regularly to provide you with the best learning experience. Please upgrade to the new version with new improvements. Thank you for supporting HeyKorea.

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1.0.1 released on 14 December 2021 (652 days ago)

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Learn basic Korean - HeyKorea
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