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LawPavilion Prime

LawPavilion Prime brings the most advanced legal research solutions in Africa.

LawPavilion Prime
LawPavilion Prime LawPavilion Prime LawPavilion Prime LawPavilion Prime LawPavilion Prime LawPavilion Prime LawPavilion Prime LawPavilion Prime LawPavilion Prime

[This app was built for devices whose screen size is not less than 7 inches]
[To upgrade to version 5.0.0, please kindly uninstall version 3.0.1.]

PRIME is LawPavilion’s flagship and most widely acclaimed product. It is a legal research and analytics tool that solves one of the paramount problems of any legal practitioner – finding answers. Prime helps every Lawyer, Judge, Magistrate, legal team and Law Student simply find the law. Find it fast, easily and in the most cost-effective way possible.

PRIME contains Nigeria’s most robust, most trusted and most cited Electronic Law Report Library - LPELR - all the Laws of the Federation, Civil Procedure Rules and 43-years’ worth of consolidated index, which is all made easily accessible by the software’s quick search engine which returns all the right results. Prime is updated regularly such that if you do not find a case on Prime, you most likely would not find it anywhere else.
Its Legal Analytics feature helps the user get a ratio-by-ratio analysis of each case. The user is able to see other cases related to the issue, the oldest and latest cases related to it, conflicting decisions as well as the locus classicus on the issue.

In her newest version – Prime V5, the software wears a new and trendy look, has an improved Search functionality that reduces search time to just seconds while ensuring that only the most relevant results are shown. It also comes with the Textbooks and Journals feature - a handy lawyer’s library for every user. Here, users can buy or rent books, journals and articles. Another new feature is the State Laws Feature where users can access all the laws of states in Nigeria by buying or renting them. The new Prime V5 also has a fresh E-Book Reader allowing multiple tabs that aids your research process. Contents from the E-Book Reader can be added to a personalized My Research Folder whenever you desire.

With PRIME, LawPavilion is able to deliver such a powerful tool that doesn’t compromise on user experience because it is built with the goal of solving the legal professional’s research problems by ensuring Time Optimization, Intelligence, Mobility, and Integration with Technology. What we call the TIMI Advantage

About this version (5.1.2)

1. Bug fixes and optimization 2. Encrypt Application

Other versions

5.1.1 released on 13 April 2021 (105 days ago)
5.0.0 released on 26 February 2021 (151 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 61 MB
Version: 5.1.2 by LawPavilion
Updated: 10 June 2021 (47 days ago)
Released: 24 August 2016
Installations: more than 1 000
LawPavilion Prime
5 Stars: 27
4 Stars: 2
3 Stars: 2
2 Stars: 1
1 Star: 8

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