Law Made Easy! Tort Law

Law Made Easy! Tort Law

Tort law made easy! Hundreds of cases! Now you can nail that exam!

Law Made Easy! Tort Law
Law Made Easy! Tort Law Law Made Easy! Tort Law Law Made Easy! Tort Law Law Made Easy! Tort Law Law Made Easy! Tort Law Law Made Easy! Tort Law Law Made Easy! Tort Law Law Made Easy! Tort Law

Law Made Easy! Tort Law is a free new app the fifth installment of Law Made Easy! a series of law-based apps designed with the law student in mind! As many college and university students will find law can be a stressful subject. But look no further because Law Made Easy! has one aim in mind and that is to take away the stress of studying law.

Our law apps are focused on the UK's legal system which is practiced broadly and forms the basis of the legal system in most Commonwealth Countries.

The fifth installment of this series aims to provide students of law with an accessible and simple understanding of a very basic subject one which can be seen in our everyday lives - the Law of Tort. This app is perfect for those who are taking Cambridge A-Levels or those who are just starting their degree.

Tort law is a subject that is almost exclusively based on case law save for a select few statutes. This means that the Tort Law cases contained in the app are indispensable the collection of cases here are as complete as possible bearing in mind the importance of each case. Our team took great liberty in choosing the cases and it is with great regret that some of the cases made the cut while others did not. No doubt the process was done with great care and only those which are of utmost relevance are provided for your convenience.

The few statutes are also discussed among them the Occupiers' Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984 and the Defamation Acts of 1996 and 2013. Only the most important provisions are included.

This app comes with an in-app notebook so students can keep note of any important notes and chapters and because law is an ever changing entity (the law of tort more so than any other area) it helps to have a notebook to record any recent changes and developments. It is so much easier to keep all your Tort law notes in one place rather than have papers all around. This helps students to revise the subject of Tort law wherever they are! Forget the hassle of bringing paper and law books wherever you go! The in-app notebook is so much more convenient!

The app is good for revising before exams. With simple easy-to-locate chapters such as general duty of care economic losses psychiatric injury public and private nuisance employer's liability one simple click gets you the concise information that you want. The law of tort is an important subject in both Cambridge A-Levels and the second year of a law degree be it from the University of London Liverpool Bristol or Cardiff or any other university that offers a law degree.

Because Tort Law has the potential to happen to anyone (yes it might! From a McDonald's employee spilling hot coffee all over you to a noisy neighbour that loves holding late night parties the law of tort covers them all!) it is imperative that any law student must understand this subject to its fullest. With this app everything is in your hands. However it is first and foremost a supplement to your studies and while it cannot be considered a textbook the app is many respects a guide for you along your journey as a law student.

The features of this app
- Concise easy to read format
- A-Z list of important cases pertaining to Tort law
- In-app notebook
- Detailed headings for each Tort law chapter
- notification function for us to keep you informed on the latest updates

Although Law Made Easy! Tort Law is an app designed for university and college students it is also equally as useful for any legal practitioner wishing to revise his Tort law or for those who wish to learn a bit about law.

Download the app now! Learn law the easy way today with Law Made Easy! - the only law app you will ever need!


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Law Made Easy! Tort Law
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