Lab Solvents

Lab Solvents

Access a list of common lab solvents structure name environmental impact.

Lab Solvents
Lab Solvents Lab Solvents Lab Solvents Lab Solvents Lab Solvents

The Lab Solvents app provides a reference collection of common solvents, represented by name and chemical structure. The solvents have associated physical properties and safety, health and environmental ratings. They can be filtered by properties, searched by name, and sorted by structural similarity.

Safety, health and environmental ratings have been made available by the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute and the GlaxoSmithKline Solvent Selection Guide.

These properties are provided for convenience. Remember that all solvents are dangerous if mishandled, and a mobile app is no substitute for good judgment. For important decisions, be sure to consult a definitive source of safety information.

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