Free cross-platform online FPS game with advanced movement & limitless mods.

Krunker Krunker Krunker Krunker Krunker Krunker Krunker Krunker

THE NEW OFFICIAL KRUNKER APP rebuilt from the ground up to deliver a complete mobile experience. Enjoy gameplay with high FPS (up to 144) and next-level controls customization with a draggable editor and sliders for fine-tuning. Are you looking to check the market, check stats, or purchase KR? The new Krunker app lets you do all that while outside of the game (while saving you on battery life).It’s a personalized Krunker experience, the perfect companion app for PC players, and the ultimate way to play Krunker mobile.


Are you ready for a true challenge? Tired of fighting against bots in other mobile FPS games? Battle with anyone (real players only), whether they're on a PC, Mac, or Chromebook, Android or iOS device. No bots. Explore literally 100,000+ user-created custom maps for limitless gameplay variety.

Popular Modes include:
- Free For All
- Infected Zombies Mode
- Parkour Mode
- Many More!


Choose your own way to customize your layout: the new Krunker app combines a draggable button editor with sliders for precise control, and lets you fine-tune the opacity and scale of each button. Controls are saved automatically, but you can also back-up your button layout via copy/paste so you can access it later or share with friends.


Access all of Krunker’s features all in a single app, including 100% of the functionality of the Krunker Hub app plus the Krunker Client App.


Reduced battery drain while on the app home screen, market, shop, etc.
Featured custom games on the app home screen
Collect your free KR every hour
Browse Krunker Social
Check the Krunker leaderboards
Refresh (F5) button in-game
Buy, trade, and sell on Krunker Market
Buy KR and spins to unlock new items
Check profile and inbox
Play Krunker mobile in full screen with a slide-up drawer that lets you access convenient features like a “new game” button.
Customize your button layout with a draggable layout editor and make fine-tune adjustments using sliders.


Enjoy a content-packed new Krunker season that includes:

- New Official Raid Event: Tortuga
- 500+ new Weapon Skins
- 100+ new Hats
- Over 150 other new items
- Added new Item Type: Collectible
- Can now dissolve your skins to earn Junk
- Junk & Materials has a chance to spawn around every pub map
- Added Junkyard to Shop: Craft unique skins & items
- Added new Blackmarket skins
- Added masteries for all primary weapons to Blackmarket


About this version (2.0.9)

Added support to log-in for 2FA-enabled accounts.

Other versions

2.0.2 released on 22 October 2021 (37 days ago)
2.0.0 released on 19 October 2021 (40 days ago)
1.0.13 released on 17 May 2021 (195 days ago)
1.0.9 released on 15 November 2020 (378 days ago)
1.0.8 released on 21 October 2020 (403 days ago)
1.0.6 released on 11 October 2020 (413 days ago)
1.0.5 released on 28 September 2020 (426 days ago)
1.0.4 released on 24 September 2020 (430 days ago)
1.0.2 released on 05 September 2020 (449 days ago)
1.0.1 released on 28 August 2020 (457 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 42 MB
Version: 2.0.9 by Yendis Entertainment Pty Ltd
Updated: 19 November 2021 (9 days ago)
Released: 03 August 2020
Installations: more than 500 000
5 Stars: 2241
4 Stars: 619
3 Stars: 237
2 Stars: 237
1 Star: 1522

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