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Kreatebot - Create Chatbots

Build a chatbot for any app

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Kreatebot - Create Chatbots
Kreatebot - Create Chatbots Kreatebot - Create Chatbots Kreatebot - Create Chatbots Kreatebot - Create Chatbots Kreatebot - Create Chatbots Kreatebot - Create Chatbots Kreatebot - Create Chatbots Kreatebot - Create Chatbots

Kreatebot is a chatbot builder for social media apps and other platforms. It is an android app that makes it super easy for anyone to create a chatbot .
A chatbot is a machine learning technology that picks up on conversational cadences, allowing it to effectively mimic human conversation & visualize to written or spoken prompts to deliver a service. Chatbot application is a new way to engage with your audience and drive conversations
Kreatebot provides a platform to easily build chat robots and services for brands that want to stand out.
Whether you own a big publishing house or a small agency, you can now use Kreatebot Chatbot builder to create an AI Chatbot app that chats with people just like you. Engage your customers and make their AIChatbot experience rich by sharing amazing content, upcoming events, and a lot more. You will be able to also automate answers to general queries, and solve your customers’ problems, without even going live.
Kreatebot is a fully integrated solution for large companies and small business owners that want to take care of their customers 24/7. It is built to your needs. No coding, no fuss. Leave the most repetitive tasks to the chatbot platform and let agents focus on other interesting things.
You can invite people to subscribe to your chatbot app. Once subscribed, send manual messages or recurring updates to all or a part of your subscribers.
Why Use Kreatebot?
If you keep reading you will discover solid reasons why using an online chatbot app such as Kreatebot for creating your chatbot is the best thing you can do to start engaging your users or subscribers.
• This is absolutely a no brainer. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished developer, managing API isn't a simple task and you need to always be prepared for edge cases, potential bugs, and complex algorithms. Using an android app like Kreatebot as a Chatbot Builder is as easy and simple as creating a website with an online tool like Wordpress or MailChimp.
• Nobody likes waiting. Chatbots are constantly available, they're momentary, and they altogether enhance first response and resolution time. Which is what using Kreatebot can do for you.
• A Kreatebot is essentially an android app that “hooks” into a page and listens to calls every time somebody sends a message to that page. This means that this app needs to be always available and reachable, hosted on secure servers and ready to withstand bursts in traffic. You are able to outsource such a heavy burden means saving on costs and worries and being able to focus exclusively on your core business.
• Communicate is better and you get to expand self-service to new channels, including mobile apps, social media, and mobile messaging.
• By customizing your experience we can integrate your API into our Chatbot to get and validate information about your customers. Kreatebot will find the answer in no time for you.
• While making a bot starting from the earliest stage has some advantages. Specifically, you can implement it exactly as you like. Using Kreatbot is often a much better solution for having a reliable, complete and powerful chatbot - easily and quickly.
• In addition to being much easier, using Kreatebot for building your chatbot allows you to be online and live much more quickly.
• Since you don’t have to hire a developer or spend time coding the bot yourself, using Kreatebot is much cheaper and empowers you to produce a positive ROI a lot more easily and quickly for you or your users.
• The final advantage of using Kreatebot chatbots builder is that you can relax and never have to worry about possible changes in the APIs, future technologies or new requirements.


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