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Konektr is a one-of-a-kind chat app with powerful, interactive live video streaming features and personalized video calls.

Konektr removes barriers to connection, making it the place to meet and interact with new people, or even influence the Influencers themselves. Konektr enables people to showcase their talents, discover new things, and stay connected in a positive, healthy, and creative way.

[ Users ]
Konektr has many active users and online content creators, including web celebrities, students, travellers and more, all sharing a rich and diverse collection of exclusive photo, video and live content.

[ Creativity ]
Content Creators can unleash their imagination while sharing their livestream rooms, engaging photo and video content that they are most passionate about. To make it easy we have set up many categories, including travel, fashion, sport, beauty, flirting, lifestyle and almost anything else you can think of. The only limit is your imagination.

[ Video Live-Streaming ]
Konektr Content Creators can setup their livestream room and start streaming instantly or just reconnect when viewers join the livestream room, thanks to the built in notification system. Viewers find hundreds of broadcasters passionately sharing endless fun anytime and everywhere, streaming their life, and opening a new era of web celebrity.

[ Live Video Chat & Video Call ]
Konektr end-to-end encrypted Video Calls allows you to connect with any of our Online Content Creators or web celebrities you find on the app.
For your security, Video Chats always start with the camera off and Konektr never records or stores any of your communication.

[ Interact ]
You can text with broadcasters offline or while you are on a Video Call. Buy credits and send gifts to your favorite’s livestream room or post.

[ Gifts & Rewards ]
Broadcasters and Content Creators are all Verified with Konektr and can get rewarded according to the gifts they collect for their creative and entertaining effort. For more about creator reward policy go to konektr.com

Konnektr has stunning videos, live shows and all the interaction you want, with hundreds of broadcasters there is always someone to meet your desire.
Our ad- free user interface makes it easy to discover top web celebrity.

At Konketr you are also in charge of helping your favorites to grow their popularity by making their posts or livestream the most popular. Move them up the leaderboard and encourage them to produce custom videos or group live-streams with other influencers and content creators. By joining Konektr you become part of a unique, vibrant and inclusive community of web celebrity, big fans and inspiring personalities.

Your personal data is securely stored on Konektr and will not be shared or sold to third parties or advertisers. Konektr allows you to connect like never before while still maintaining your total privacy. All correspondence both via text and video cannot be seen by other users. Your location is not shared with outside companies or users.

Read our privacy policy at http://bit.ly/konektr_privacy_policy
Read our terms and conditions at http://bit.ly/konektr_terms_of_service_user

About this version (2.3.1)

We’ve intuitively upgraded our platform for a sleek and seamless User experience

Other versions

2.3.0 released on 03 May 2022 (393 days ago)
2.2.1 released on 23 February 2022 (462 days ago)
2.2.0 released on 28 January 2022 (488 days ago)
2.1.0 released on 21 December 2021 (526 days ago)
2.0.5 released on 05 November 2021 (572 days ago)
2.0.3 released on 31 August 2021 (638 days ago)
2.0.2 released on 20 August 2021 (649 days ago)
1.6.7 released on 22 July 2021 (678 days ago)
1.6.6 released on 02 July 2021 (698 days ago)
1.6.4 released on 18 June 2021 (712 days ago)
1.6.2 released on 24 May 2021 (737 days ago)
1.6.1 released on 07 May 2021 (754 days ago)
1.6.0 released on 30 April 2021 (761 days ago)
1.5.9 released on 24 March 2021 (798 days ago)
1.5.7 released on 19 February 2021 (831 days ago)
1.5.5 released on 08 February 2021 (842 days ago)
1.5.3 released on 02 February 2021 (848 days ago)
1.5.1 released on 20 January 2021 (861 days ago)
1.5.0 released on 15 January 2021 (866 days ago)
1.4.1 released on 16 November 2020 (926 days ago)

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