Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App

Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App

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Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App
Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App Knewz: Unbiased World News & Politics App

Knewz is a brand new news aggregator app for people seeking unbiased, trusted, true and quality journalism. All Knewz stories are presented to you after the content is critically reviewed and evaluated to make sure it presents a balance of coverage and context.

Our experienced editors deploy cutting edge technology to bring you unbiased coverage on the latest news from hundreds of sources across the US and around the world to give you valuable and neutral insights into what is truly happening. Knewz uses pioneering AI machine learning to gather top headlines, offering premium journalism, impartial reporting, insightful opinion and concise analysis from a wide range of perspectives.

Presented in a simple to use format, Knewz allows you to quickly scan headlines, preview stories and dive deeper into the news. You’ll always be aware and remain informed about the most important headlines happening around the world. Our professional editors are committed to providing this balance.

Whether your interests be world news, market news, business or entertainment news, Knewz will send you notifications about breaking news stories: you'll never be out of the loop. Knewz gives you everything you need, all in one place, to stay up to date with breaking news and the most important global stories.


- See the latest news from U.S. national, regional and local sources which offer a range of angles as well as comprehensive and accurate reporting

- Quality news, a range of views, left to right, local to global: Knewz offers a range of stories from a pool of more than 300 leading media sources

- Provenance matters: you'll see all publisher sources presented alongside the headlines

- A large selection of full-story headlines on key topics, accessible with one simple swipe

- Knewz does not personalize headlines nor search results. All stories are subject to the judgement of our editors who are scrupulous in their neutrality and fairness

- Knewz utilizes machine intelligence to scan stories for political angles, tone, originality and timeliness, offering an engaging and balanced assortment of headlines

- Get breaking news alerts and notifications on all the stories shaping the world today

Discover top stories in US news, politics, life, world events, entertainment, crime, business, technology, science, real estate and more. Knewz is a rigorously unbiased search and discovery platform for quality journalism; it’s a one stop digital "kiosk" for news.

We bring you trusted reporting, compelling storytelling and insightful opinion and analysis from a wide array of media sources. Knewz scans thousands of news articles to find the top stories. With breaking news alerts and notifications providing the top trending headlines, you can’t miss anything important with Knewz – and it’s fast and fun.

Receive updates on the latest news across local U.S. and international politics, sport, technology and entertainment. Quick to set up and access, Knewz is a news aggregator app that brings you complete articles with full text, photos and video -- all inside the app -- from key local and world news sources.

Keep yourself updated with the most popular trending articles and topics of the moment and the latest breaking news notifications.

Knewz offers balanced, trusted, unbiased and quality journalism from a range of sources to present you with everything that’s trending and happening now. Our editors use cutting edge AI machine learning technology to scan top news across hundreds of news sources, minute by minute, and collect headlines from many perspectives around every news topic

Download Knewz now and get instant access to a wide spectrum of news and views, from local, niche and national sources, without bent or bias.


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Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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1.7.2 released on 20 May 2021 (559 days ago)
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1.7 released on 19 March 2021 (621 days ago)
1.6.2 released on 27 January 2021 (672 days ago)
1.6.1 released on 17 December 2020 (713 days ago)
1.6 released on 19 October 2020 (772 days ago)
1.5.2 released on 11 September 2020 (810 days ago)
1.5.1 released on 31 August 2020 (821 days ago)
1.4.2 released on 11 June 2020 (902 days ago)

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