Klaverjas A dutch classic (includes Kraken)

Klaverjas Klaverjas Klaverjas Klaverjas Klaverjas Klaverjas

From Holland with love: Klaverjassen. An ingenious card game. Choose wisely when you
pick a trump suit and collect more than half of the points available. But you don't
have to do it alone: your partner will support you. Communicate with her by cards and
get the maximum result!

(Now includes the variants Kraken and "spades double")

Each player has eight cards. One of the players chooses the trump suit. The trump
suit gives the jack and the nine extra value. Then the game begins. Play your cards
with strategy. Remember: the trump suit always wins.

Try to collect more than half of the points together with your partner. If you don't succeed, you will get 'wet' and lose all the points to your opponents. But if you manage to get all the points, you get 100 points extra. And there is more to gain! If you win a trick that contains a run or a set you get bonus points. If this is the trump suit you get even more!

Good luck!
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There are many related games from other parts of the world going by names such as Klabberjass, Clabber, Kalabriás, Clobyosh and also Belote.

- Choose the right strategy
- Communicate with your partner
- Defeat your opponents together


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