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From this APP you can learn
Kinematics Connect day–to–day experiences to linear motion
Discriminate clearly between distance and displacement.
Define and distinguish between speed average speed instantaneous speed velocity acceleration and deceleration.
Differentiate between uniform and non–uniform motions.
Develop and apply equations of motion.
Understand the nature of acceleration due to gravity.
Develop and apply position and displacement vectors in two dimensions.
Apply equations of motion in X and Y directions.
Develop and apply equations of motion time of flight and range of projectile for any projected object.
Apply changes to the equations of motion time of flight height reached by the projectile range of projectile when a projectile is launched vertically upwards.
Understand and correlate the concept of relative velocity to daily life examples like moving boat in a river etc.

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This topic covers under Physics subject as a part of the Mechanics topic
and this topic contains following sub topics
Uniform and Non-uniform motion
Acceleration due to Gravity
Motion - Dimensions
Velocity - Vector notation
Projectile Motion
Projectile launched vertically upward
Relative velocity


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