Kindergarten Learning Games

Kindergarten Learning Games

Learn alphabets, numbers, counting, addition & subtraction with Kindergarten App

 Kindergarten Learning Games
 Kindergarten Learning Games  Kindergarten Learning Games  Kindergarten Learning Games  Kindergarten Learning Games  Kindergarten Learning Games  Kindergarten Learning Games  Kindergarten Learning Games  Kindergarten Learning Games

Tired of looking for a fun easy and free learning activities and games in a single app to make your child get engaged in different activities? Is your desktop filled with various applications for all types of fun filled activities for your child? Don’t worry we have come up with a solution to this problem. There are many free apps in the market but you have to look for every specific activity be it coloring counting and alphabets. What if all this came in one. We introduce a unique reading app for kindergarten similar to an e-book involving all the activities.
This children books kindergarten has a variety of activities you just have to download kids books to start off with amazing activities for your toddler. Beginning with learning alphabets where an animal initiating with the alphabets appear to be on the screen with the pronunciation of its name and spelling. Then comes the tracing part. It seems just like you do it on a paper. Next is the addition category where you have to add up the numbers in the allocated time and there’s a similar one for subtraction as well. Since we know the fact about children getting bored following a certain activity the coloring section in this children books kindergarten will do the work. It introduces a wide range of colors for your child to enjoy coloring different objects. Children will never get bored while going through and having fun with this E-book.
Since putting together pieces of a puzzle is always fun for anyone regardless of their age we introduce a section where kids can put together the pieces of puzzles to enjoy sharpening their minds. If your aim is to have free childrens book apps for I-pad then it is a great platform where your kid can spend hours and you don’t have to worry if he’s getting something out of it or not because he definitely will. The reading app for kindergarten has a variety of different species of animals with spelling picture and pronunciation.
This e-book has most of the information of the text books in it. For schools the children have to follow a particular time table. But they can access this childrens book app whenever they want regardless of times of the day. Just download kids books and start off to an amazing learning journey from today.

Main Features
– Engaging interface
– Sound mode (can be turned off)
– Animations and Graphics to make it more attractive for kids
– Interesting games and activities

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 Kindergarten Learning Games
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