Kin: Social Habit Tracker

Kin: Social Habit Tracker

Build healthy habits with friends.

Kin: Social Habit Tracker
Kin: Social Habit Tracker Kin: Social Habit Tracker Kin: Social Habit Tracker Kin: Social Habit Tracker Kin: Social Habit Tracker Kin: Social Habit Tracker Kin: Social Habit Tracker Kin: Social Habit Tracker

Kin is a social habit tracking app that helps you create long-lasting changes. We make it easy and fun to build healthy habits effectively.

Why use Kin?

• We designed Kin to help you succeed. We use proven behavioral science principles to make it easy and rewarding to get started and stay consistent with your habits.

• We provide courses to help you find new healthy habits or improve your existing ones. Short daily videos that you can follow along to complete a habit—removing all excuses.

• It's simple, easy, and quick. You can complete your habits with just one tap, and we track everything else that matters to keep you consistent.

• You can seamlessly share habit activity in chats with your friends to make habit-building more fun. It's a simple yet effective way to hold each other accountable and positively engage with your community.

About Us
We've experienced the profound benefits of developing and maintaining healthy habits in our personal lives. Through all the triumphs and challenges, our habits have kept us sane and grounded. It is essential for our well-being, so we created Kin to help us in our journey and share it as a gift with the rest of the world.

Kin is in open beta; join us and become our collaborator. We have a lot to improve and would love to build the future of Kin with your feedback. Use Kin Chat inside the app to talk to us or send us an email at

About this version (1.0.75)

• Launched new courses to learn about habit psychology • Improved onboarding experience to reduce noise • Reduced the number of initial kin chat messages • Made it easier to create 1:1 or group chats

Other versions

1.0.72 released on 25 August 2021 (31 days ago)
1.0.70 released on 26 July 2021 (61 days ago)
1.0.69 released on 23 June 2021 (94 days ago)
1.0.64 released on 17 June 2021 (100 days ago)
1.0.62 released on 09 June 2021 (108 days ago)
1.0.54 released on 15 April 2021 (163 days ago)
1.0.49 released on 09 March 2021 (200 days ago)
1.0.48 released on 02 March 2021 (207 days ago)
1.0.42 released on 02 February 2021 (235 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 53 MB
Version: 1.0.75 by Kin Living Well Inc.
Updated: 10 September 2021 (15 days ago)
Released: 25 July 2020
Installations: more than 1 000
Kin: Social Habit Tracker
5 Stars: 39
4 Stars: 6
3 Stars: 2
2 Stars: 3
1 Star: 8

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