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Jisr HR

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Jisr HR
Jisr HR Jisr HR Jisr HR Jisr HR

What is Jisr:
Cloud System designed according to the local needs and compatible with the most used accounting & administrative system. Integrated with banks, Mudad, Gosi , Muqeem system, and many third parties such as accounting systems like (Xero , QuickBooks , Netsuite)

How does Jisr work?

Jisr helping you in human resources management in easiest way, starting from employee files and documents, passing through the payroll management vacations, following up on attendance and leaving, and scheduling work schedules with flexibility, and through the application of Jisr, your team can manage their affairs smoothly, request leave or salary disclusure or business trips. and because we know that human resources management needs to be integrate to all relevant platforms and systems, we have connected in Jisr with a Moqeem system, and the Madad platform so that your company can finish its procedures effectively, easily and abides by the legal aspects in updating the wage protection program when paying salaries By integrate with Madad platform, your bank account, and social security(Gosi) in a professional and secure manner, in addition to integrate the system with various accounting systems such as (Xero, QuickBooks Netsuite).

Who are the target audiences?
Company owners
HR managers
HR officers

What are the benefits?

Full automation for HR administration tasks that will help the management productivity
Integrated payroll with bank, GOSI and third parties
Combitable with Saudi Labour Law

What is the integrated solution provided by Jisr?

Covers all your needs-
Whatever the number of your employees, the many transactions that they need, Jisr will facilitates all your needs in human resource management
Attendance and departure management-
Manage payroll streams associated with (accruals, overtime, rebates, etc.)
Vacations and requests
employee file
Effective shift scheduling
Performance Management
Performance reports (salaries reports, attendance reports, insurance reports, bonus reports, performance reports, leave reports, active requests reports, etc.)
Compatible with other accounting and administrative systems

In addition, integration system with;
Muqeem system
Mudad platform

What is the advantage of Jisr?

Powerful: Jisr offers a complete system that covers the needs of all the big, middle companies and startups . (Mention all the main Models in general with focusing on the payroll and the scheduling and Performance Management )
Flexible: via multiple options you can use just the features that need and redesign the system to suit your needs. (Custom field / Custom Reports / Some features in the settings)
Integral: by integration with Mudad platform, Muqeem platform, banks, Gosi, and accounting systems such as Xero , QuickBooks , Netsuite
high Security and protection with data bases local hosting: exclusively, Jisr provides databases hosting and it is on of the most powerful system in terms of cybersecurity and protection data
Affordable prices for every size of companies that started from 12rs/ month per employee

About this version (6.028)

Other versions

6.026 released on 21 March 2022 (366 days ago)
6.024 released on 02 March 2022 (385 days ago)
6.020 released on 30 January 2022 (416 days ago)
6.018 released on 12 January 2022 (434 days ago)
6.014 released on 05 January 2022 (441 days ago)
5.103 released on 06 December 2021 (471 days ago)
5.101 released on 28 November 2021 (479 days ago)

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