Jameasy for Violin

Jameasy for Violin

Jameasy for Violin
Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin Jameasy for Violin

If you play well along with the screen and accompaniment, the score will go up. If you do not, you will be able to remind you to fix the pitch and tempo. There are sheet music and accompaniments of various genres such as popular violin method books, classical songs as well as pop songs and OST arranged for violin. This app provides violin tuner for beginners, repeat section, speed control, and more to make it easy for anyone to practice.

■ Jameasy features
- Precise feedback on pitch, beat

- A number of musical scores for violin

- Features for beginners (finger number, bow direction guide)

- Provides speed adjustment in BPM units

- Repeat section for intensive practice

- Exercise and completeness check

■ Detail
1) The real time decision is made on the pitch and the beat, and it shows the results just like a rhythm game. When the pitch is wrong, the arrows will guide you to adjust the pitch. When the beat is wrong, it will tell you to speed up or down so that you can stay on the beat. You can feel the pleasure of playing together with the accompaniment even when practicing alone. Meet the Jameasy! It will always listen to your play and give feedback.

2) Jameasy contains many scores and sound sources for the violin. You can meet various contents such as famous violin method books, classical music, popular song and OST. See the difficulty label in each song and choose the best practice song for you. Songs that provide part scores can practice duets with friends.

3) For those who had difficulties reading the scores and memorizing the fingerings, you can choose the “show fingering” option to help your practice. If you focus too much on fingering, it is easy to miss the bowing. But you can perfect your performance by watching the bowing guide that Firefly tells you. In addition, the tuner of Jameasy not only tells you the pitch, but also right direction of turning pegs. With Jameasy, tuning violin is easy! And practice is fun!

4) You can control the play speed when you are not familiar with the music. With the Jameasy’s audio processing technology, even with changing the play speed of the accompaniment, the pitch will not change. During the plays, if you click on “view sheet” button, you can see the location of your mistakes.
You can select parts of the music to do repetitive practice. It will help you to improve your play in short amount of time. Practice thoroughly while checking your weakness.

5) It shows your practice time with a graph. It will make you feel proud after hearty practices. And it will help you to remind yourself to practice when you slack off. You can see at a glance how much you have practiced and where your weak point is. Once you have accumulated daily records, you can see how your skills have improved. Feel the accomplishment and interest by completing your own performances.

■ Homepage

■ Permissions

- Microphone (Record audio)
This permission is needed to listen to you playing violin and the app gives you real time feedback on your performances.

■ To play Jameasy, Wi-Fi or cellular data connection is needed.

■ Jameasy is the "free to play" game. Additional charge will occur when you purchase paid contents through In-app purchase. Paid contents might be withdrawn or restricted depending on the type of subscription.

■ Support


About this version (2.3.3)

- Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Released: 04 January 2017
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Jameasy for Violin
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