Jack Reports: Truck GPS

Jack Reports: Truck GPS

Copilot & path planner for truckers weigh stations parking availability etc.

Jack Reports: Truck GPS
Jack Reports: Truck GPS Jack Reports: Truck GPS Jack Reports: Truck GPS Jack Reports: Truck GPS

When you drive, you want your journey to be as predictable as it can be. For that, you need to know several factors and a little bit more if you are a trucker: how to get to your target, the fastest way you can get there, things you need to avoid, where you can have a rest - all of this information you can find at our free app Jack Reports.

You just need to choose the location where you want to go, and Jack Reports will do everything else for you. We use different sources of information to find out what is going on with traffic along your route, where you can stop, and so on.

Of course, the main part of our app is high accuracy GPS that will show you the best ways to get to your destination. We try to save as much time for you as possible because we know how important a few hours can be.

Another helpful feature Jack Reports app has is the locations and status of weigh stations. From now on, you will know for sure where the weigh station is open and waiting for your truck to arrive. In addition, we have a powerful AI which analyzes traffic situations and presents you with information about stations.

You can ask and what if there is an emergency situation at the station? Our app solved this problem for you too. One of the bases of the Jack Reports is community. We have more than 10 thousand community reports that can and will inform you about everything that is happening on the weigh station, for example how long it takes at the moment, or will give insight into a definite rest area or truck stop. After that, you can use GPS in your truck to change the route, and that’s all, no problem at all. We try to build a community that is interested in helping itself, so if something happened to you while you were at the weigh scale or truck stop, please, write a small report so everybody would know that there is a problem.

What do we have?
β€” Most complete weigh stations mapping;
β€” History of stations status, which will tell you were working graphic for this week;
β€” High accuracy GPS that will help you to get to your destination;
β€” Community reports;
β€” We have real-time information to guide you through open weigh station;
β€” Roadside and Rest Area inspection sites.

Join the community of Jack Reports free app and make your journey through the country even more accessible. Pick the best rest sites, quickly find weigh stations and write reports to help your trucker friends.

Jack Reports uses your location in the background in order to show you relevant alerts, which can reduce battery life.

About this version (2.50)

Thanks for using Jack Reports! To make our app better for you, we bring updates regularly. We will be happy to hear feedback from you, questions, and suggestions at support@jackreports.com.

Other versions

2.43 released on 13 May 2022 (312 days ago)
2.30 released on 27 April 2022 (328 days ago)
2.27 released on 11 April 2022 (344 days ago)
2.19 released on 05 April 2022 (350 days ago)
2.18 released on 29 January 2022 (416 days ago)
2.0.17 released on 20 January 2022 (425 days ago)
2.0.13 released on 25 December 2021 (451 days ago)
2.0.9 released on 25 November 2021 (481 days ago)
2.0.3 released on 15 November 2021 (491 days ago)
2.0.0 released on 18 October 2021 (519 days ago)
1.3.126 released on 17 July 2021 (612 days ago)
1.3.125 released on 11 July 2021 (618 days ago)
1.3.122 released on 15 May 2021 (675 days ago)
1.3.120 released on 06 April 2021 (714 days ago)
1.3.119 released on 01 April 2021 (719 days ago)
1.3.115 released on 14 February 2021 (765 days ago)
1.3.108 released on 28 April 2020 (1057 days ago)
1.3.109 released on 28 April 2020 (1057 days ago)

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