IRetro 1967 - Aesthetic Editor Presets & Filters

IRetro 1967 - Aesthetic Editor Presets & Filters

Iretro1967 Tezza Retro prisma grainny filter lightleak and dust and scratches

IRetro 1967 - Aesthetic Editor Presets & Filters
IRetro 1967 - Aesthetic Editor Presets & Filters IRetro 1967 - Aesthetic Editor Presets & Filters IRetro 1967 - Aesthetic Editor Presets & Filters IRetro 1967 - Aesthetic Editor Presets & Filters IRetro 1967 - Aesthetic Editor Presets & Filters

IRetro 1967 - Visco Grain,Dust,Lightleak Effect Dust and Scratches is a disposable camera with a date stamp that makes your beautiful photos and videos have the precious retro feel of the analog film. That's a vintage camera which most popular in IRetro 1967 - Vintage Visco Grain,Dust,Lightleak Effect. This app not only has popular film filters but also effects cam, film kiosk, Polaroid camera, light leak, dust, grainy filter.

✨Dust and Scratches IRetro 1967 - Vintage Grain,Dust,Lightleak Effect is a trendy camera app at this time. It's useful for young people and even professional photographers who like taking, editing, sharing photo and video on social media.

✨ Dust and Scratches Camera makers of every era always tried to capture the best moments and such an effort continued back in 1998 as well, whereby our memories became clearer.
IRetro 1967 Cam has the effort of those days to leave precious moments as vivid and vibrant photographs.

✨ Features:
- 80+ color filters: vintage, retro, black & white, cinematic, portrait, mood, landscape ...
- Random light leak filters
- Instant preview
- 3D effect
- Date stamp
- Film dust
- Portrait and landscape
- Self-timer
- Edit filter, effect after taking a picture in the photo editor
- Change photo/video filters and photo/video effects strength in real time when capturing
- Autosave photo to the gallery
- Import photos, videos from gallery
- No watermark
- It's free. No subscriptions

Years of making cameras clearer than ever before led us to this – a strange affinity towards lens flares, grain, and dust-speckled photos. Many app developers have released their own version of retro camera simulators.

✦ Retro photo effect app lets you make your photo more attractive with a vintage effect.

✦ It’s simple, has great vintage filters, and can make a photo of even the most mundane subject look artistic and well-composed.

✦ Bring you back to the photography period of the 90s with romance, classic style, vintage film filter

🎀Vintage filter photos Indian are cool. Retro pictures are chic. Let this IRetro1967 app with retro photo effects do its magic on your lovely photos. Find your favourite camera filters, choose some of your beautiful pictures from gallery or take a new selfie now and have fun editing them. Once you've got adorable vintage photos, share them on network social and count the likes! All of your friends and family will love those awesome pictures of yours. Having in mind that this is the best selfie camera with vintage photo effects, there is no doubt that you are about to adore all of the camera filters!

🥗 Vintage retro camera effects and filters are the perfect choices for spring and summer photos! Instant vintage camera with a modern take on old camera effects will make your photos look cooler than ever. This vintage camera app is a perfect vintage photo editor and is one of the newest retro camera apps for Android that reunited cool vintage photo filters and retro camera effects. Download now and make your photos look awesome!

✨ IRetro 1967 - Vintage Visco Grain,Dust,Lightleak Effect is the top-rated free selfie camera app of 2019 to make retro-looking, grainy images with light streaks that look like they were taken on old school disposable cameras.
📚 IRetro 1967 - Vintage Grain,Dust,Lightleak Effect is also the best camera app that has the best photo editor to change all the filters and effects after taking photo.

➡ Download now! The best camera app and retro photo editor in 2019 only for Indian.
Shoot photo, edit with IRetro1967 photo editor, share and enjoy your life!


About this version (1.1.6)

- Optimize and fix bugs - Adding favorite filters - Adding more favorite grain dust - Adding more favorite lightleak effects

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Version: 1.1.6 by TonyoCam Inc
Updated: 09 August 2021 (777 days ago)
Released: 23 July 2019
Installations: more than 500 000
IRetro 1967 - Aesthetic Editor Presets & Filters
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