inViu routes GPS tracker OSM

inViu routes GPS tracker OSM

inViu routes uses GPS positions to display a virtual rendering of your travels.

inViu routes GPS tracker OSM
inViu routes GPS tracker OSM inViu routes GPS tracker OSM inViu routes GPS tracker OSM inViu routes GPS tracker OSM inViu routes GPS tracker OSM inViu routes GPS tracker OSM inViu routes GPS tracker OSM inViu routes GPS tracker OSM inViu routes GPS tracker OSM

inViu routes the most comprehensive free and ad-free GPS tracking Android app in the market. Use the app for
â–¶GPS tracking
â–¶route planning and recording
â–¶locating mobile workers family and friends
â–¶creating location-based reminders
▶saving specific locations like your car’s parking spot
â–¶creating and sharing GPS photos POIs and travel routes
â–¶viewing all of the above on the integrated map powered by OpenStreetMap
▶inViu routes is a practical and affordable GPS tracking app that turns your smartphone into a GPS tracking device. Part of ENAiKOON’s complete inViu tracking system the app connects with the free online web portal inViu web to track mobile workers family friends and other mobile assets online or within the app. Its customizable menus intuitive user interface and clear icons make this app easy to use for both business and private users.



GPS tracking
Track any trackable in real time right in the app. View the location and routes of equipment or vehicles with a tracking device or mobile workers with inViu routes-installed smartphones.

Automatically or manually record routes and be able to view the travel speed distance altitude profile and address display. Export routes as a GPX file.

Route planning
Plan routes to any address POI GPS photo or contact with multiple stops. The app continuously recalculates the route to trackable. Use every saved position as target in a navigation app for detailed driving instructions.

Leisure mode
Used for tracking mobile workers that use their phone for both business and personal. Route recording stops according to scheduled shifts and the user is able to adjust the recording time when working overtime.

Parking Spot
Quickly find your parking spot using this feature and create a route to your vehicle.

Geo-notes / location-based reminders
Create location-based reminders and receive notifications when you or someone else enters or leaves a predefined area (i.e. geofence).

The map from OpenStreetMap displays all trackables geo-notes routes GPS photos POIs and your own position on the map.

Photos and POIs
Take GPS photos directly in the app create and share POIs and assign GPS photos and POIs to your routes. Sharing is possible via email or any other app installed on your phone.

Customizable menus
Personalize how the menu bars are displayed on different screens now available for all mobile phone and tablet sizes. inViu routes is the only GPS tracking app that allows this level of customization.

Click here for the in-depth how-to guide http//

Use the inViu routes GPS tracking app in conjunction with the online software inViu web and view the location of up to 4 smartphones or ENAiKOON GPS tracking devices at no extra charge! Create a free account and start locating your mobile workers family and friends today!

Data protection
ENAiKOON is committed to data and privacy protection. This app does not collect or send data that would allow third parties to locate the user’s phone without their consent. ENAiKOON uses the collected data exclusively for display in inViu.

For more information about inViu web or to create a free account visit http//


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29.05.2020 â–¶ bug fixing

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inViu routes GPS tracker OSM
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