Integrated Timer  For Ingress

Integrated Timer For Ingress

Integrated Timer for Ingress provides all timers & counters you need for Ingress

 Integrated Timer  For Ingress
 Integrated Timer  For Ingress  Integrated Timer  For Ingress  Integrated Timer  For Ingress  Integrated Timer  For Ingress  Integrated Timer  For Ingress  Integrated Timer  For Ingress  Integrated Timer  For Ingress  Integrated Timer  For Ingress

If you want to use integrated timers with any kind of application or games there is an app for that https//

In App Purchase permission is used for donations to support the project.
The Permission "read the content of your USB storage" is required to play custom ringtones and avoid issues on new versions of Android.

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Integrated Timer allows to see all the timers you need directly on your screen while you are playing your favourite game.
You can add and configure several types of timers and counters very easily with a few touch
- Portal cool down timer with hack counter just select the mods in the configuration panel and the app will calculate the number of hack and the cooldown time for you. The hack counter will countdown as soon as you restart the timer.
- Sojourner timer it will ring 2h 1h 30mn 10mn 5mn 2mn and 1mn before the 24 hours end. Furthermore it will reset as soon as you start or reset any cooldown timer.
- XM Anomaly timer it will count down until the official start hour then start to count down to the first measurement period. When the measurement period is reached the timer will ring turn red and count down the 10 minutes measurement period. When completed it will turn back to the standard color (blue or green) and count down to the next measurement period and so on until all the measurement periods are completed. The numer of remaining measurement periods is indicated in the shield logo.
- Regional scoring checkpoint for 5h cycles
- Regional Septicycle scoring checkpoint (175h cycles)
- Portal burnout timer count the 4 hours burnout
- XM regeneration timer to help you know when XM may reappear
- Custom timer allowing you to set the time your want
- Hack counter which calculate the number of hack based on multi-hack mods on a portal and count down
- Basic counter which count up from 0

You can configure all these timers/counters the way you want and show/hide them when you want.

Need to move timers/counters? Just swipe left or right and they will change position. You can configure the 3 default positions the way you want.

Need to hide timers/counters? Swipe them up or down.

Timers and counters have never been so simple and easy to use.

If you have any suggestion or issue do not hesitate to contact me.
However if you want me to add a functionality which will infringe on the TOS or the spirit of the game or provide an unfair advantage compared to people playing the game by the rules you have to know that I will not make it.

Integrated Timer for Ingress is NOT affiliated in any way with Google Inc. and Ingress.
Integrated Timer do not hack or interfere in any way with Ingress game normal behaviour and is not intended to do so.

Ingress name and logo and Resistance and Enlightened logos are the property of Google Inc.
Based on our understanding of Ingress Term of Service Integrated Timer may be considered as a fair use and do not violate the Term of Service. However we can give no warranty that Google or Niantic Labs may think this app infringe the Terms of Service and in this way we provide this application without any warranty and we do not assume any responsibility regarding the consequences resulting from the use of this application.


About this version (2.50)

Add parameter to configure default hack count and set default hack count value to 16.

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Size: 3 MB
Version: 2.50 by TRIGONE
Updated: 04 April 2020 (199 days ago)
Released: 17 September 2013
Installations: more than 100 000
 Integrated Timer  For Ingress
5 Stars: 4155
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