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Make your music deeper and richer with Instream Music!

Instream Music
Instream Music Instream Music Instream Music Instream Music Instream Music

[Hello, Instream Music]

Instream Music transforms your daily places into a tremendous stage at any time and from anywhere. Experience our High-quality accompaniments created by professional music experts with reasonably priced subscription plans.

[Key and Tempo Control]

You can immediately perform music with a maximum of 27 accompaniment options; Instream Music provides a wide range of 9 keys (-4 to +4) and 3 tempo choices (Slower, Normal, Faster).

[My Playlist]

Do you need playlists for upcoming assessments or recitals?
You can create and manage your own playlists! Save and sort our contents by personalized categories from practice to actual performance.

[Recommended Playlists]

Try our selection! Instream Music offers brilliant recommended playlists for you, deliberately selected by music professionals.
Discover new repertoire through our weekly-updating recommendation.

[Request Music]

Can’t find the music you want on Instream Music? JUST FILL OUT THE REQUEST FORM with composer, title, and simple description to let us know what you’re looking for. Instream Music team will do our best to make your request into the actual contents.
Meet your desired accompaniments at Instream Music faster than anywhere else.

[Monthly Subscription]

Join our monthly membership subscription and enjoy unlimited access to Instream Music!

- The membership payment will be processed through Google Play

If you install the Instream Music app on a device running below Android 6.0, Instream Music cannot control the app permissions (capabilities or information that app can access) individually. To prevent unwanted app permissions, you should upgrade your device operating system.

*Contact Us

Please contact us if you need any support.


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