Infood - Ingredients food scanner

Infood - Ingredients food scanner

Food ingredients & additives barcode scan, histamine, vegan, gluten, lactose.

Infood - Ingredients food scanner
Infood - Ingredients food scanner Infood - Ingredients food scanner Infood - Ingredients food scanner Infood - Ingredients food scanner Infood - Ingredients food scanner Infood - Ingredients food scanner

Do you know what’s in your food?
Are you a vegan or vegetarian? Do you eat lactose free gluten free or look for a clean label or just trans fat free? Maybe you want to know what's safe for children or you have histamine sensitivity?

Infood app will help you decide if a given food is suitable for you or not based on your personal preferences.
Reading labels all the time may be annoying and exhausting let us do it for you.

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!!!!! Always check if the ingredients were added correctly !!!!!

You can choose among our premium filters Vegan Vegetarian Clean Label Lactose free Gluten free Trans fat Baby safe and Histamine. You can combine them with specific ingredients that you would like to avoid.
Just scan the product's barcode and Infood app will let you know if any of the ingredients you configured is found on the label.

If a product is not found in our database you can easily add it.
Just take a picture of the ingredients Infood app will automatically extract the ingredients from the picture. Always check and correct the ingredients text.

You can add ingredients in many languages Infood app will detect the language.
For travelers who want to know what they eat In food will translate the ingredients in food.

If possible always add ingredients in English. This will help us provide you with more accurate results.
The app is flexible and may be used to scan foods if you have allergies or food intolerance (Gluten free Lactose free) for healthy eating (Clean label Trans fat) when following different diets like Vegan or Vegetarian.

Our new Vegan ingredients scanner Vegetarian ingredients scanner Gluten free ingredients scanner Lactose free ingredients scanner Trans fat ingredients scanner Clean label ingredients scanner Baby safe ingredients scanner Histamine ingredients scanner will be soon extended to include more diets and lifestyles.
We strongly stay behind the clean food idea our Clean label food scanner is a must for healthy eating.
You can choose also trans fat free eating sugar free foods no preservatives no colorants no E numbers no food additives and many other combinations


About this version (1.6.14)

Ingredients library added for vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose free, clean label, histamine, trans fat and baby safe options. Premium features added: - No adds - Detailed information about all additives,the dangerous and suspicious ingredients - Histamine filter added - Baby safe filter added Fixed picture upload. Due to permissions issue in Android 11 the crop function is removed untill the issue is completely resolved.

Other versions

1.6.9 released on 09 March 2021 (40 days ago)
1.4.0 released on 13 August 2020 (248 days ago)

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Infood - Ingredients food scanner
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