Indian Numerology: calculator

Indian Numerology: calculator

Numerology calculator the daily moon calendar yantra biorhythm and so on

Indian Numerology: calculator
Indian Numerology: calculator Indian Numerology: calculator Indian Numerology: calculator Indian Numerology: calculator Indian Numerology: calculator

"Indian numerology" contains all the necessary information about the secrets of your destiny, personal qualities, purpose, recommendations and warnings that will help you in life.

This information was obtained as a result of analysis and comparison of ancient knowledge of numerology with subsequent modern interpretation.

Indian numerology is rooted in the depths of centuries and originated in ancient times on the territory of India more than 5000 years ago.

It is based on the concept of 9 numbers, which are associated with 9 planets. These nine planets directly affect the character and destiny of a person.

By downloading the application Indian Numerology you will learn:
- what does your name number mean and about its impact on your life;
- what does your Soul number mean, about the positive and negative sides of your character, about preferences and inclinations, about what qualities you need to work on in order to achieve success;
- what does your Destiny number mean, about your character, preferences in love and suitable partners for creating a family, about your destiny;
- choose your stones;
- find out your annual forecast for the 2021 and next year and much more.

You can also:
- calculate compatibility in Love, Friendship and Business with your friends, relatives and acquaintances;
- concentrate on your Yantra, which will help you achieve your goals, improve your creative perception and enhance your positive character traits;
- analyze your biorhythms and better plan your business;
- get convenient access to the full moon calendar with the phases of the moon, the age of the moon and its illumination;
- contact consultants for individual paid consultations;
- yantra meditation;
- choose a suitable baby names.

In addition to numerological data, in the application, we used knowledge of astrology. Vedic astrology (jyotish), the planets and the moon have a direct impact on the lunar calendar for every day and auspicious days.
The auspicious days section reveal information such as:
- favorable days for planting;
- favorable days for sowing;
- favorable days for travel;
- favorable days for haircuts and hair painting;
- favorable days for health care;
- prediction of fish bite;
and much more.

In future updates, we desire to add exciting new features.

For the application to work properly, you need Android 5.0 or higher, 1GB RAM. Optimized for Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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In this update we fixed minor technical errors and improved graphics.

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Indian Numerology: calculator
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