IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging

IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging

HIPAA Secure Messaging for Doctors Nurses Patients and Hospitals

IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging
IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging

IM Your Doc is an exciting new health and medical application that will instantly connect patients with their OWN doctor to get the best medical advice and tips.

IM Your Doc is a HiTech and HIPAA compliant secure Instant Messenger app that allows seamless patient and physician interaction. It is the best way for patients to chat with their own health care providers and get immediate advice and tips on their health concerns. The on call physician can also give a prescription for medicines and answer all questions satisfactorily, thereby avoiding the undue need to visit an ER, hospital or drug center.

Instead of going through the hassle of getting out of bed, getting ready and driving to the hospital, health clinic or health center, use IM Your Doc to seek advice on health questions first! Ask your physician if you really need to visit the hospital or ER or if a simple solution such as rest or a change of medicine or drug can help you obtain better health.

IM Your Doc allows you to chose from a wide list of physicians and also saves your medical record so that follow ups and medical consultation is quick and seamless. The medical professionals available will offer the best advice and medicine prescription depending on you symptoms.

While IM Your Doc does not provide 911 health services, it will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. You will be able to chat with your own doctor or physician who knows you and your medical history and understand the prescription advised to you. You will never need to go through the office staff, and you will not need to explain your medical history or symptom all over again to the on-call care provider before getting an advice or answers for your questions.

For Doctors, it offers a great low cost, high value software that is easy to adopt, reduced readmission and increases patient satisfaction. I'M Your Doc provides affordable, easy-to-implement system that ups productivity, streamlines workflow and makes your patient smile. It also speeds your communication with colleagues, staff and patients and most importantly, provides a safe and secure messaging platform that saves time through direct messaging.

Please note, that the name of the app is IM Your Doc, while it may also come up in the listing for the following search terms โ€“ I'M Your Doc, I Am Your Doc, I'm Your Doc, I am your doc or iamyourdoc

Download IM Your Doc and get directly in touch with your personal doctor, lower your medical bills and improve your peace of mind!

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Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

While the app is called IM Your Doc, we have observed that people also search for it using any of the following combinations -

I am your doc
i'm your doc

About this version (7.2.1_2021-06-03_1054)

Added hyperlink support to broadcast messages.

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6.7_2020-05-22_936 released on 22 May 2020 (1108 days ago)

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IM Your Doc - Secure Messaging
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